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Kirti Motion Pictures

Kirti Motion Pictures
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Delhi NCR
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Company Profile The "Kirti Motion Pictures" is headed by Writer/Director Aarun Nagar. He started his career by working in TV Serials around the year 2003 and has worked in more than 25 famous TV Serials like Kismat, Seven, Dhoond Legi Manzil Humein, Kaali, Vaseeyat etc. He has also worked with Yashraj Films & Bala Ji group. Some of the recent and upcoming movie projects of Aarun Nagar are as follows: 1. Gurjar Aandolan (Writer/Actor/Director) 2. Bhouri (Asst. Director/Actor) 3. Children of War (Actor/Asst. Casting Director) 4. Ishaknama (Writer/Director) 5. Uvaa (Casting Director/Actor/Line Producer) 6. Youngsters (Writer/Director) 7. Me & She (Writer/Director) 8. Hollywood Movie Shemshook (Actor) 9. Naa Tum Jeete Naa Hum Haare 10. Love You Forever 11. Local 12. Characterless 13. Jai Hind 14. Meri Aashiqui 15. Suicide 16. Feel The Love 17. Aaja O Re Piya 18. The Master 19. Mazdoor 20. Classroom 21. Black Money 22. Water 23. Jay Pahalwan 24. Dosti 25. Policewala
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