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Company Profile The success story of HATS OFF PRODUCTIONS has its roots in the theatrical production of commercial Gujarati Plays. Its crowning achievements are the result of persistent efforts of the two leading men at its helm Mr. Jamnadas Majethia, (JD) a well known actor-producer and Mr. Aatish Kapadia, a gifted writer-director. Their personal bond from college days and their united passion to make a mark in the entertainment industry led to the setting up of HATS OFF PRODUCTIONS.In the beginning they produced original Gujarati plays 'Ladakvaya' 'Thank you Kokila', 'Ek Bijane Gamta Rahiye' and 'Aavjo Vhala Fari Malishu', under the banner of HATS OFF PRODUCTIONS. All the plays were received warmly by theatre enthusiasts. The excellent production superb screenplay & direction combined with sterling performances delighted the audiences and at the same time, conveyed a message that touched their hearts. Last 3 plays created a unique record in the 150 years old history of Gujarati theatre. The only production house to achieve a HATTRICK of double century hit original plays. The last play namely 'Aavjo Vahla Fari Malishu' was adapted into a hugely successful feature film in Hindi called 'Waqt' which had the millennium superstar Shree Amitabh Bachchan and the current heartthrob Mr. Akshay Kumar. HATS OFF PRODUCTIONS then shifted its focus to television serials with the aim of expanding its horizons and achieving its vision of becoming a global entertainment enterprise. Since then the team of HATS OFF PRODUCTIONS has devoted itself to the development of TV Serials, beginning with the co-production of the Hindi daily soap Babul Ki Duwayein Leti Ja for Zee TV.The journey, which has started from there, is progressing rapidly in terms of actions as well as achievements. Under the able guidance of the visionary duo heading it,HATS OFF PRODUCTIONS aim to be among the most prominent production houses in India.
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