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Company Profile 1.The candidate is expected to have good reading and understanding skills for that language. 2.His/ her role will be to provide 50 hours of voice data. 3.The candidate should be regular with the given task. 4.An interested candidate needs to go through a pilot task and will be selected for the job only if they are found to perform satisfactorily. Requirements. 1.Must be a graduate/ diploma/10+2 /10. 2.The voice must not sound robotic or unnatural to the setting. 3.Should also be able to speak and read well, even eloquently in that language. 4.Should have done projects previously or have similar work experience in the language they will provide recordings as a part of this tender. 5.Should be able to pronounce each word clearly, without engaging in much annoying mumbling or swallowing. 6.Should be able to speak with minimal mouth noise such as clicks, glottal stops, etc. 7.Should have consistency in the speech quality energy, volume, articulation, coordination, etc. for the entire 44 hours of recording.
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