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My name is Rishi Raj Mitra, I am currently residing in Bangalore. I am a self-taught DIY independent filmmaker since last 2 years, an editor and a Learning Visual effects artist. I am a director and an editor who is familiar with the recent compositing or editing softwares. To be precise,
I am experienced with Sony Vegas Pro , Adobe Aftereffects, Adobe Premier Pro . I am also familiar with the DSLR workflow (Canon DSLRs), but I am also eager to try out film cameras etc since I have worked in shortfilms,event coverage, promos etc.

Apart from that i was also working in a Tech firm in Bangalore. I am looking to shift from my current industry because film-making career is what I am seeing forward to be in or I am really pursuing to be in.
My demo reel for 2015 is attached for a look of my work in just 2 minutes approximately.

Please notify me for any vacancies that are available for my skills or for any queries. Thank you for your time.

Course Name B.Tech Institute Name KIIT University
Start Date 06-06-2012 End Date 02-05-2016
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English, Bengali, Odia
Other Informations
KIIT Fest-SUNBURN and Other Events Promo
Role Video Editor
Start Date 01-01-2015 End Date 31-01-2015
Mega ATV Championship
Role Direction and Cinematographer
Start Date 04-03-2016 End Date 08-03-2016
Event Coverage was a tough challenge in the dust and overheated environment. But with DIY works on the cameras and equipments for preventing damage, the team was very responsive. The most challenging part of the Race was to cover in the night. But the event was fully covered.
Destiny - A Short Post Apocalyptic Film
Role Direction,Cinematography and Editing
Start Date 10-01-2015 End Date 18-01-2015
One of the quickest projects I have worked in for a Film Competion.
Lost- A Shortfilm On Drug Addiction
Role Direction and Editing
Start Date 25-09-2013 End Date 11-04-2014
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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