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About me

Filmmaker, Director, screenwriter, writer, Editor

Course Name B-com Institute Name university of Calcutta
Start Date 01-08-2013 End Date 02-08-2016
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Expertise : Feature Film, Documentary Film, Short Film
Other Informations
Role Director, Editor
Start Date 12-08-2021 End Date 12-09-2021
Music video
Role Director, Editor
Start Date 07-02-2022 End Date 16-03-2022
Sonali Song
Role Director, Editor
Start Date 11-03-2022 End Date 15-04-2022
Music video
Rohossyo Chitra
Role Director, writer, Editor
Start Date 10-08-2021 End Date 12-03-2022
The Story of a mysterious painting
Role Director, Writer, Editor
Start Date 10-08-2020 End Date 15-11-2020
Thriller, Suspense
Mrito Sohor (Death City)
Role Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Political environment with social issues
Role Director, Writer
Start Date 10-01-2018 End Date 18-02-2018
Upcoming picture of Soumya Chakraborty. The picture is about a mystery filled with a few miracles in Rear's life during an evening. Director and writer of the film is Soumya Chakraborty.
The Evening short film
Role Director, writer
Start Date 18-08-2017 End Date 05-10-2017
The Evening is the debut project of Soumya Chakraborty. Synopsis of this film are,
A Psychiatrist has moved into his chamber in an evening full of thunderstorm. After sometime he was visited by one unknown figure, who has introduce himself as a patient. After that the problem of the visitor has been spoken and the dilemma started in the mind of the doctor and the evening has been turned into an unforgettable one for the psychiatrist.
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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