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About me
-- Tejas Tatariya -- Film Maker, Film Editor, DI Colorist, VFX Superviser and in Graphic Designer with approx +10 years of experience with some renowned companies Like "Reliance Media Works". He began his career as a Visual Effect Artist. He Started his career from 2004 in creative field. He has High levels of skills in Media. Successfully Done Some TV Commercials, Corporate Films, Short Films, Documentaries, Product & Modeling Photography etc...... Working with some Hollywood and Bollywood films like "The American Gandhi", "The Closed Door","Lo Ho Gai Party","Fillam","Lavari","Roll No. 56". Successfully Done feature films and some other TV-Series and many Ad Film and Documentary films. He has been started his own Studio from 2012 and his journey is continue with various experience and creative though.Education is Master in Digital film making and VFX done in "FX School" Mumbai.

Course Name Master in Digital film making and VFX Institute Name "FX School" Mumbai
Start Date 01-01-2010 End Date 31-12-2012
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Expertise : Feature Film, TV Content Maker, Short Film, Documentary Film, Animation Film, Corporate Film
Other Informations
Lo Ho Gai Party
Role VFX Artist
Start Date 05-08-2015 End Date 20-11-2015
Documentary Film Sarhad Dairy
Role Editor
Start Date 15-04-2015 End Date 16-02-2016
Roll No. 56
Role VFX Supervisor
Start Date 02-09-2016 End Date 30-11-2016
Documentry Film Sursagar Dairy
Role Director & Editor
Start Date 10-03-2016 End Date 20-10-2016
Role DI Colorist
Start Date 05-02-2016 End Date 10-03-2016
Role Post Production Supervisor
Start Date 10-02-2015 End Date 17-12-2015
The Ameriacan Gandhi
Role VFX Artist
Start Date 01-02-2014 End Date 22-10-2014
The Closed Door
Role VFX Artist
Start Date 15-06-2013 End Date 30-12-2013
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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