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Company Profile Radio Mirchi is a nationwide network of private FM radio stations in India. It is owned by the Entertainment Network India Ltd (ENIL), which is one of the subsidiaries of The Times Group. Mirchi is Hindi for Red Chilli. The tagline of Radio Mirchi is "Mirchi Sunnewaale Always Khush!". Radio Mirchi maintains weekly music charts (or record charts) for India. The most followed charts are Mirchi Top 20 (Bollywood Songs) and Angrezi Top 20 (English Songs). Both of these charts are a ranking of recorded music according to popularity. These charts are published on a weekly basis in the Indian English-language daily newspaper, The Times of India, and on Radio Mirchi's official website. Mirchi has its stations in India and also in UAE. Some of these stations run 24x7. As per the latest IRS data released in 2017, Radio Mirchi has emerged as the number one FM broadcaster in Delhi and Mumbai, as well as in the top 8 metros taken together.
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