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Company Profile Mr. Srinivas Sarakadam brings an amazing concept whereby any production houses, producers or individual who have an interest in film making or is willing to make a feature film can approach us for a ready to use scripts. One can choose from wide variety of scripts and stories available here according to their need and taste. It works with a brilliant concept where production houses, producers, directors or individuals interested in film making can easily access all movie requirements. Apart from this, Sarakadam Stories also produces its own movies, short films, teasers and feature films. Production No.1 Now it is coming up with one Trilingual Feature Film, based on a scam that had occurred in India, this Production No 1 is a classic thriller inspired from true events. Telugu Version Title: Only Nenu Hindi Version Title: Manja English Version Title: Checkmate Theme: Created with cinematic liberty, it emphasises the story of a small-scale entrepreneur who manages to create a 500-crore scam at Matrix, a reputed National Company. The film has a unique colour and flavour of its own which comes as a breath of fresh air! It’s emotional connect is guaranteed to stir hearts and leave an everlasting impact! Hoping to enhance the standards of filmmaking and story plots, Only Nenu is here to leave its mark and carve a niche in the film industry!
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