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About me

To describe myself in a nutshell, I am systematic, organized and hardworking; ready to take up any challenge of life abreast with the latest trends and a team player with excellent communication skills. Review of my credentials would confirm my association as a Media Industry Professional-Editing/Production and offering performance driven experience of nearly a decade in the art of MUSIC Production, Direction & Post Production, Pre-Production, Project Management etc. I had a 5 Years of experience as Chief Engineer/Production Manager with Mereedhun Digital Media Pvt Ltd ( E-Commerce ) & 2 years in FM broadcast industry. And 2 years experience in Head Operations with MY SERVICES: Recording/Mixing Jingle Composition Music Arrangements

Course Name Institute Name RDVV
Start Date 20-03-2003 End Date 20-03-2006
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Other Informations
Mereedhun Digital Media Pvt Ltd
Role Production Manager
Start Date 20-02-2008 End Date 20-08-2014
Music Production, Overall Management, Team Management, Project Management, Website Management
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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