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About me

Photograher and cinematographer of Indian short movies. I have studied Photography and cinematography at the Livewires Nodia,New Delhi
I have shot Speechless (2016), The Mothman (2016), Kali-Bari (2016),Overdose (2016) and 14 February (2017).
My first short film, Kali-Bari, was produced by Shabros Films.The film stars Dipti Chatterjee,Ravindra Singh,Fahad siddique,Ashwin Gaur,Sandeep kumar,Deepak tiwari and debashish chatterjee.
I was born and raised in Najafgarh,New Delhi. My brother gave me a camera, which in time provided me with a career direction. After I finished My schooling I joined an ITI college, After i passed ITI i got the job but after only few months I left it to join Livewires Nodia, where I studied Photography and cinematography.

Course Name Still & Motion Photography Institute Name Livewires Noida
Start Date 28-08-2015 End Date 28-08-2016
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Specialty : Fashion, Action / Sports, Event, Family Function, Wedding, Food, Commercial
Language : English, Hindi
Work preference
Available In : Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Anywhere In India
Availability : Full Time
Max Skill First
Role Cinematographer
Start Date 15-11-2017 End Date 26-03-2018
Freelancer Videographer and Editor
Vendorskart Online Services
Role Product Photographer Videographer and Editing
Start Date 08-02-2017 End Date 30-09-2017
Worked with Vendorskart Online Services as Product Photographer Videographer and Editor.
Miracle art work
Role Photographer Videographer and Editor
Start Date 18-12-2016 End Date 01-02-2017
Worked for Miracle art work(Mumbai) as a Photographer Videographer and Editor.
Role Photographer, Editor
Start Date 20-08-2016 End Date 20-08-2016
Fitness photoshoot, Gym
prayag Gupta
Role Photographer, Editor
Start Date 11-03-2016 End Date 11-03-2016
Fitness Photoshot, Indoor
Role Photographer, Editor
Start Date 02-01-2016 End Date 02-01-2016
Portfolio shoot, Indoor
Role Photographer, Editor
Start Date 02-02-2016 End Date 02-02-2016
Portfolio shoot, Indoor
Role Photographer
Start Date 23-01-2016 End Date 23-01-2016
Fashion Photoshot, indoor
Role Photographer, Editor
Start Date 16-07-2016 End Date 16-07-2016
model outdoor shoot
Diptti Chatterji
Role Photographer, Editor
Start Date 20-05-2016 End Date 20-07-2016
model outdoor/indoor shoot
Kapil Sharma
Role photographer, editor
Start Date 30-04-2016 End Date 30-04-2016
outdoor model shoot
Ravinder singh
Role Photographer, editor
Start Date 10-04-2016 End Date 10-07-2016
Outdoor model shoot
The Mothman
Role Photographer, Cinematographer
Start Date 03-07-2016 End Date 17-07-2016
The Mothman a saif baidya short movie.
chandni chowk
Role Photographer, Cinematographer, Editor
Start Date 14-06-2016 End Date 19-07-2016
A short Documentary on Chandni Chowk, The heart of Delhi, India.
Trisha Chatterji, Outdoor Shoot
Role Photographer
Start Date 27-02-2016 End Date 27-02-2016
Outdoor Model Shoot.
Muktibodh ki Aulad
Role Photographer
Start Date 03-05-2016 End Date 03-05-2016
Muktibodh ki Aulad is a Theater play.
My mother
Role Cinematographer
Start Date 22-03-2016 End Date 10-04-2016
My Mother is a short movie.
Uncover the unseen pain
Role Photographer, Director
Start Date 12-02-2016 End Date 14-02-2016
Uncover the unseen pain is a still image story which is written and directed by Me.
Project Name
Start Date End Date