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About me

I am a Mumbai- Based Photographer specializing in creative stuff like Conceptual shoots, Portraits, Fashion, Advertising, Still Life, Aviation, Hospitality and Product Shoot. I frequently reinvent creative approach to my work. To me, Photography means a lot and not just a snap.
I am blessed with a strong left path (honed by my engineering degree) and right path came when an incident happened in my life in the year 2008. I was planning for a trip to Goa with my friends and that time I realized I am more indulged in gadgets, camera, and digitized life. In a very young age I understood what I want to do and what not. My creativity is the continuation of the exploration of different genres of photography. I assisted Sahel Mane fashion and a celebrity photographer. I worked in “Kala Ghoda” Art Festival in Mumbai. I did online production shoot for E-Commerce marketing, plus size brands After that I worked for Mumbai Dabbawala. My interest was further piqued and I was indulging in working with creative commandos CEO (a part of the creative team by Puneet Bhatnagar). From past 3 years I worked as a professional photographer and my joner is creative. I did catholic wedding, did a shoot of JBL and some corporate shoot collaborated with food bloggers and fashion bloggers. I have a passion to discover new things and ideas. My ambition is to inspire amateur photographers who are passionate and dedicated.

Course Name Master in photography Institute Name Hallmark institute of photography
Start Date 03-01-2014 End Date 10-10-2014
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Language : English, Hindi
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Availability : Full Time
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