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Course Name B. Arch Institute Name Manipal University
Start Date 16-07-2009 End Date 24-05-2014
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Physical stats
Height : 5 Feet 7 Inches
Waist : 32 Inches
Hair Type : Straight
Hair Length : Short
Language : Hindi, English, Punjabi, English, Hindi
Expertise : Acting, Dancing, Anchoring, Modeling
Work preference
Availability : Full Time
Bharat Positive Ft. Gautam Gambhir (TVC)
Role Fan, 30
Start Date 25-11-2017 End Date 26-11-2017
Yaariyan - WTF - Short Film
Role Self made man, 28
Start Date 01-08-2018 End Date 05-08-2018
nostalgic, excited, happy
A Cup Of Coffee - Short Film
Role Corporate Guy, 26
Start Date 20-05-2018 End Date 27-05-2018
Frustrated, helpless, jobless
Feature Film
Role Cop, 25
Start Date 06-12-2017 End Date 26-12-2017
Loyal, hard working
FairFax Hair Product - TVC
Role Graphic Designer, 25
Start Date 03-05-2018 End Date 08-05-2018
Relieved, self conscious
Street Plays
Role Various
Start Date 01-05-2017 End Date 30-06-2017
Social & Political awareness
Shastra Santaan - Theatre Olympics -Stage Play (NSD)
Role Dhrithrashtra (Mahabharata)
Start Date 01-02-2018 End Date 01-04-2018
Agony, pain, anxious
Pro Kabaddi League - Finale Promo (TVC)
Role King
Start Date 09-10-2017 End Date 15-10-2017
Proud to represent INDIA
Patna Kidhar Hai - Comic Stage Play
Role Rannvijay (Reality Show Judge)
Start Date 23-11-2017 End Date 23-12-2017
Clueless, desperate, conman
Antim Pyaar - Stage Play
Role Painter, 30
Start Date 01-09-2017 End Date 17-09-2017
Experienced, rich, egoistic
Blind Date - Short Film
Role Guy Next Door, 25
Start Date 18-04-2018 End Date 19-04-2018
Rich, spoiled, womaniser
Project Name
Start Date End Date