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Yogesh Sudhakar KulkarniACTOR / MODEL | MUMBAI

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About me

I am Yogesh Sudhakar kulkarni, from Pune, I have 7 yrs experience in experimental Marathi theater. I have worked in Hindi and Marathi Languge ...I have worked in Hindi & Marathi Films, Short Films , Television Projects and Advertisement . Hindi Films 1) Sajni Shinde ka Viral Video 2) Wo baat nahi ( upcoming) 3) Srikanth ( Released 10 may 2024) 4) The Rabbit House ( upcoming) 5) Chandu Champion ( upcoming) Marathi Film 1) Territory ( Released on Amazon Prime) Marathi Serial 1) Devmaus 2) Dnyaneshwar Mauli 3) Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi 4) Shetkarich Navra Hava 5) Chotya Bayo Chi Mothi. Swapn Hindi Serial 1) Savdhan India Digital AD : 1) Poojara Telecom 2) Kotak Bank 3) RCC class _1 4) Shirkes Kitchen ( upcoming) 5) RCC Classes _2 Marathi experimental plays 1) Mariaiicha Gada 2) Adnyat Betachya Shodhat 3) Missing Journey 4) Tumche Amche same aste 5) Radha Achievement 2022 - I have received Kalagaurav Award 2022 from Moti Foundation, Pune. 2022 - My film " Territory " is Selected in PIFF and RED FM Film Festival 2023 - " Territory " is selected in Cannes Film Festival Market Badge Eagerly looking forward to work in your current and upcoming projects where I fit in Thank You

Course Name Fine Art Institute Name Kalavishva Mahavidyalay
Start Date 15-06-1994 End Date 15-04-1998
Course Name ATD Institute Name Satara Kala Mahavidyalay
Start Date 15-06-1992 End Date 15-04-1994
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Physical Stats
Height : 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight : 64 Kg
Hair Type : Straight
Language : Hindi, Marathi
Expertise : Acting, Voice Over
Work Preference
Available In : Anywhere In India
Availability : Full Time
Other Informations
Chandu Champion ( Hindi Film) upcoming
Role Doctor
Start Date 27-12-2022 End Date 02-01-2024
Performed Doctor in this film
Chotya Bayo Chi Mothi Swap
Role Father character
Start Date 28-10-2023 End Date 29-10-2023
Middle Class Father character
RCC CLASSES Advertisement
Role Trainer
Start Date 22-10-2023 End Date 23-10-2023
Archery Trainer
Chotya Bayo Chi Mothi Swap
Role Father
Start Date 08-10-2023 End Date 10-10-2023
Middle Class Father character
Chotya Bayo Chi Mothi Swapn
Role Father
Start Date 26-08-2023 End Date 27-08-2023
Middle-class Father
Savdhan India
Role Inspector
Start Date 06-08-2023 End Date 07-08-2023
I played a roal of main Inspector name Anuj Sawant
The Rabbit House
Role Leads Father
Start Date 03-06-2023 End Date 05-06-2023
Hindi Movie i am acted as caring Father character
Shirkes Kitchen
Role Father name Prakash
Start Date 07-02-2023 End Date 08-02-2023
it's kitchen renovation AD
RCC class AD
Role Father
Start Date 29-12-2022 End Date 30-12-2022
Supportive father for his girl education in any conditions
Aasamtol ( Marathi short film)
Role Physiologist
Start Date 10-12-2022 End Date 11-12-2022
At your Doorstep ( upcoming Hindi Short film)
Role Father
Start Date 05-10-2022 End Date 10-10-2022
job less father fighting with situation n family
Savdhan India
Role PSI
Start Date 02-01-2021 End Date 22-01-2021
played Cop character
Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi
Role Family Doctor
Start Date 17-10-2022 End Date 06-11-2022
In this Marathi Serial i played a role of Family Doctor
Dnyeshwar Mauli
Role Vitthal
Start Date 06-07-2022 End Date 25-08-2022
its Marathi Serial and my character was Loard Vitthal
Territory ( Released on Amazon Prime )
Role CBI officer
Start Date 22-10-2021 End Date 05-01-2022
Marathi Film I was a CBI Officer in this Project ...Film was officially selected in PIFF 2023 & Cannes Film festival 2023
Happy Teacher Day ( Upcoming Film )
Role News Anchor
Start Date 05-09-2022 End Date 06-09-2022
Hindi Movie I played a News Anchor character
Srikanth ( Released 10 May 2024)
Role Head Coach
Start Date 05-12-2022 End Date 06-12-2022
Hindi Movie I am a head coach for cricket team
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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