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Course Name Mass Comm and Videography Institute Name St. Xaviers College Kolkata
Start Date 02-06-2010 End Date 31-05-2014
Course Name Institute Name
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Language : English
Category : Composer
Instruments : Guitar (electric, Acoustic), Bass Guitar
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Available In : Anywhere In India
Availability : Short-term
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Xpert dish washing bar(tvc)
Role Jingle writer composer programmer
Start Date 31-03-2016 End Date 02-05-2016
This was my t.v comercial as jingle writer/composer and programmer. This was aimed at catering to a majority of bengali speaking veiwers , so i decided to apply the fundamentals of jingle making along with adding a few elements of the contemporary vernacular music which is popular among the masses in the region , which gives the comercial an added bonus .
Loyalie Infomercial
Role Jingle writer composer programmer and arranger
Start Date 01-11-2015 End Date 03-11-2015
This jingle was inspired from the mood of the video itself , i like to call it the three act jingle as it starts off with the feel of a smoothe jazz playing in the background which has a soothing yet posh flavour which slowly blends into a slightly more peppy version of the same flavour , with elements of piano adding more colour to the melody, which takes care of the first part of the three act jingle . The second part depicts the conflict , and i decided to deal with in a subtle way as it is mean to be a comical conflict between an older lady and her daughter , hence musically i tried to create a subtle sense of alarm with a kick drum playing like as if it were a heart beat with a subtle bell sound going along with it which slowly is blended with pizzicato string section building up into a happy uplifting melody , introducing the part of the jingle the resolution or the conclusion .
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