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About me

Hello Casting Team I hope you guys are doing well. My name is Mr. Sameer Nawaz.( Male). Height : 6 feet An MBA graduate. Happily married with very supporting family. I am passionate about doing an onscreen performance as an actor. My life experiences and the way I look at my life & lives around me are my basic schools of acting . which I often use to express myself and would like to continue to do so through various forms of acting too. I believe , I got a good voice with good base. Currently, I am working as a travel agent.... but still the desire of performing on screen as an actor remains . At this stage of my life I am seriously & sincerely looking for an opportunity which can quench my thirst for performance. I would be very happy to share my details please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. God Bless you all Regards Mr. Sameer Nawaz

Course Name MBA Institute Name Southern cross University ( Australia)
Start Date 09-05-2003 End Date 09-05-2005
Course Name Bachelors of business management Institute Name Kakatiya University
Start Date 08-03-1995 End Date 05-05-1998
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Physical stats
Height : 6 Feet
Hair Type : Wavy
Hair Length : Medium
Language : Hindi, English, Telugu, Urdu
Work preference
Availability : Full Time
Other Informations
Gudachari Agent no 77 ( Short feature Film )
Role Detective
Start Date 03-02-2004 End Date 24-05-2004
the story was a murder mystery and I was one of the detectives in solving the mystery it's a horror + murder & less love story.
Stage dramas for social awareness
Role Character roles
Start Date 24-07-1995 End Date 30-11-2020
I was a part of a cultural society call Jyoti Kala thoranam. I did quite a number of stage shows in spreading social awareness.
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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