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About me

Despite having a Master’s degree in Marketing, my mind was set to something more creative and satisfying for me. I started taking pictures, lots of pictures, observing light and angles that make a picture different from what one sees normally. It all started falling into one place and brought me into this beautiful world of Event & Industrial photography.

I like to capture the story, something spontaneous added with human feelings makes a great image, that’s what I try to get in my pictures. Industrial photography has given me a platform to showcase my imagination into capturing the existing logistics differently thus making them stand out of the ordinary.

Course Name MBA - Marketting Institute Name Allahabad University
Start Date 16-06-2005 End Date 15-05-2008
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Specialty : Landscape, Fashion, Action / Sports, Event, Family Function, Travel, Wedding, Paparazzi, Architecture, Food
Language : Hindi, English, Telugu
Work preference
Available In : Anywhere In India
Radisa - Divine & Delicious Chocolatier
Role Product Photography
Start Date 08-07-2015 End Date 10-07-2015
It was a 2 days shoot which involved both Photography & Videography for Radisa. They specialise in preparing various kinds of chocolate bouquets, ice-creams, brownies, etc. The results were much appreciated and our video is being used by them for marketing purposes.
International Fleet Review
Role Authorised Photographer
Start Date 02-02-2016 End Date 11-02-2016
I was honored to get the contract of covering the International Fleet Review 2016 which took place in Vizag. I had a team of 16 photographers & videographers covering the event with me. All the proceedings during the event were covered by us and the videos of the same were edited the same night and uploaded on the IFR website overnight.
The VVIP's of this event were our Hon. President & Hon. Prime Minister along with the Defence Minister and the Chief of naval Command to name a few
Role Photographer
Start Date 02-01-2010 End Date 19-04-2016
Our team has covered hundreds of weddings of a tenure of 7 yrs. We have been traveling to other cities and states for the same. Our work has been accepted and accoladed by many. Striving to get better every passing day
Project Name
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