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Course Name Diploma of Art and Design Foundation Institute Name Centennial college
Start Date 03-01-2010 End Date 03-01-2011
Course Name B.Sc Multimedia Institute Name Picasso Animation College
Start Date 05-01-2010 End Date 10-01-2012
Course Name Fashion and commercial Photography Institute Name Rahul Dutta Photography School
Start Date 06-05-2013 End Date 01-01-2014
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : English
Work preference
Availability : Long-term
Commercial Shoots
Role Freelance Photographer
Start Date 04-01-2015 End Date
Take photographs in a range of styles and for a variety of clients. Styles include portraits, fashion and product shoots for magazines, websites, brochures, marketing material and individual clients.
Shoots Done For-

• Top Studio
• Image DB
• Go Studio
• Zeva
• Cantabil
• T&G
• Ciello
• Jobong
• Amazon

Project Name
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