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About me

Following is my profile and work details :

Theatre training cum experience with :
1. Happy Ranajit (NSD alumni)
2. Diploma in Acting from Shri Ram Center for performing Arts
3. Rajendran K Srinivasan ( former NSD director )

Languages I can speak :
Hindi, Urdu, English

Following are my stage plays :
1. Jal damru baaje as Doma
2. Big Fat City as Murli
3. Death of a Salesman as Willy Loman
4. As you like it as Silviyus
5. Disgraced as Abe
6. Aurangzeb as Sultan Muhammed
7. Bloody Bombay as Rahul
8. Richard III as Killer

Camera Work details :

> 5 short Films ( 1 in Post production)
Links :

Other interests and skills :
> Sketching
> Glass Painting
> Cycling
> Car driving

Personal Details :
> Name : Aditya Sharma
> Age : 23 years
> Height : 5 feet 7 inches
> Weight : 63 kg
> Hair colour : Black
> Eye colour : Brown
> Current Location : Delhi (born and brought up in Delhi)
> Hometown : Uttar Pradesh


Course Name 2 yr Diploma in Acting Institute Name Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts
Start Date 02-07-2016 End Date 22-04-2018
Course Name BTech Institute Name Galgotias College of Engg. & Technology
Start Date End Date
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Physical stats
Height : 5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight : 63 Kg
Hair Type : Straight
Hair Length : Medium
Language : Hindi, English
Expertise : Acting, Dancing, Modeling
Work preference
Availability : Full Time
Death of A Salesman
Role Willy Loman
A solo piece from this famous Arthur Miller play , performed by me both at Stage and on screen under the guidance of fantastic director Happy Ranajit , currently director at Kingdom of Dreams Zangoora.
Richard III
Role Understudy of Richard III
Start Date 24-06-2018 End Date 22-07-2018
Written by Shakespeare & directed by Happy Ranajit currently director of Kingdom of Dreams Zangoora . This is a story of the villain where plots to snatch the kingdom and prove his manhood
Bloody Bombay
Role Rahul
Start Date 18-04-2018 End Date 22-05-2018
Another marvel directed by Happy Ranajit currently director of Kingdom of Dreams Zangoora. Actors life in Bombay is what bloody Bombay all about . Where I play Rahul , a boy from small town who comes to Bombay to make it big and is astonished to realise what all it takes to get what is called the stardom
Role Dwitiya Purush
Start Date 18-08-2018 End Date 11-09-2018
Directed by Happy Ranajit , director of Kingdom of Dreams Zangoora. A tale of two people stuck in an abandoned building after riots broke out. Constantly in fear of the mob outside , of each other and figuring out what is the religion of the other person.
Big Fat City
Role Murli
Start Date 15-02-2018 End Date 22-04-2018
Directed by KS Rajendran , ex director of National School of Drama. The protagonist of the play , Murli is caught between what is his conscience and the brutal truth of how this world works.
Jal Damru baaje
Role Doma
Start Date 20-11-2017 End Date 21-12-2017
Directed by Happy Ranajit , currently director at Kingdom of Dreams ( Zangoora ) . Showed faith in me and gave me one of the best characters I have ever played , whose psychology almost flips after the first half of the play.
Project Name
Start Date End Date