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Nishchay Kumar Nimbekar aka Nishchay Nimbekar,a name that came into light a few years ago in the Bollywood and Fashion industry is a reknowned Fashion And High Fashion Photographer from india. He started his career with one of his present guns the Canon EOS 6D and now he owns a full High Fashion studio and outdoors setup including his high professional camera kits,and a full ELINCHROM lights setup.He started his career in photography from a small town in U.P, known as Meerut.He got many hurdles in his way but his strong dedication,desire and aspiration helped him cross allthe hurdles easily.He achieved many awards being the youngest talented photographer in various corporate events.Today Nishchay Kumar Nimbekar shoots for many popular and struggling designers ,magazines, and Modelling agencies.His strong aspiration,kind nature,curiousity,and working skills make him more strong being in todays Fashion Industry.Models all over the world like to interact and work with Nishchay.Being a Professional Photographer Nishchay has a friendly and jolly nature also that is often liked by the people working with him.Nishchay Kumar Nimbekar is always in search of new links and work and just needs the blessings and wishes of his fans,clients,and friends.
Once a Nishchay Kumar Nimbekar's client always a client !

Course Name basic+advanced+professional photography course . Institute Name Photography institute in mumbai
Start Date 19-05-2014 End Date 10-03-2015
Course Name Advanced Photography course Institute Name Photography institute ahmedabad
Start Date 04-09-2016 End Date 25-10-2016
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English
Work preference
Available In : Anywhere In India
Availability : Full Time
Nishchay Nimbekar Photography
Role Owner/Fashion and High FAshion Photographer
Start Date 10-05-2016  
Hangover Films
Role Fashion and High Fashio Photographer
Start Date 02-01-2016  
Two Brothers Photography
Role Fashion Photographer
Start Date 15-09-2015  
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