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About me

Naman Arora Age - 26 (Screen age 22-30) Hieght - 5'9" From - Punjab Languages - Hindi, English, Punjabi, Haryanvi & UP accent *Webseries as Lead* Webseries Name - Death Character Name - John Directed by - Vivek kumar Shoot location - Utarakhand *TV show* Performed continuty character Kamal Sharma in DD TV Series. *Mil gyi Manjil mujhe* Parmavtar Shreekrishna one month track Character Name - *Bhahuk* *Theatre Experience* Active member of a *Natyamanch Theater group* Chandigarh since *2011*, Have performed many Plays , and many comedy Skits/gags and Stand up comedy acts. *Workshops* Attended Technical theatre workshop from *NSD* *(National school of Drama)* by Robin Das, Dolly Ahluwalia and other experienced faculties of NSD Attended workshop by Pantel Das sir on Observation and reactions. Attended workshop on basic theatre techniques by Gagan Sharama sir

Course Name B Tech Civil Engineer Institute Name Punjab Engineering college
Start Date 19-08-2011 End Date 19-07-2015
Course Name B Tech Civil Engineer Institute Name Punjab Engineering college
Start Date 19-08-2011 End Date 19-07-2015
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Other Informations
Kaatelal & Sons - Sab TV
Role Ompal
Start Date 22-10-2020 End Date 23-07-2021
Death - Webseries
Role John Second lead
Start Date 03-09-2019 End Date 10-11-2019
Horror Webseries as Second lead (Shoot location Utarakhand)
Varis kon
Role Arun
Start Date 25-09-2014 End Date 25-12-2014
Nayak - Theatre Play
Role Shiva
Start Date 25-01-2014 End Date 25-04-2014
Defenders - Theatre Play
Role Aman
Start Date 25-09-2013 End Date 25-12-2013
Incurable India - Theatre Play
Role Suraj
Start Date 25-10-2013 End Date 25-12-2013
Last Drop - Theatre Play
Role Satya - Officer
Start Date 25-10-2012 End Date 25-12-2012
Love Square - Theatre Play
Role Gayanchand
Start Date 25-09-2011 End Date 25-11-2011
Joshile - Theatre Play
Role Rajguru
Start Date 25-01-2012 End Date 19-04-2012
Court Martial - Theatre Play
Role Bikas Roy
Start Date 25-04-2015 End Date 26-06-2015
The Wet - Webseries
Role Ishaan - Bollywood star
Start Date 26-07-2019 End Date 30-07-2019
Natyamanch Theatre
Role Active Member
Start Date 25-09-2011 End Date 25-07-2015
National School of Drama Workshop
Role NSD Technical Theatre Workshop
Start Date 25-05-2015 End Date 25-07-2015
Parmavtar Shreekrishna
Role Bhahuuk
Start Date 03-03-2019 End Date 02-05-2019
TV show - & TV
Mil gyi Manjil mujhe - DD Show
Role Kamal Sharma
Start Date 18-04-2019 End Date 03-06-2019
TV Show - Antagonist
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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