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About me

I am a freelance photographer. Interested in product, food and fashion photography. I have worked for brands like Swiggy, Scarlet Splendour, J D Jones etc. Always eager to do some exiting work. Looking forward for a prosperous career and a happy life.

Course Name Diploma in Photography Institute Name Light and Shadow Institute of Photography
Start Date 24-08-2015 End Date 25-08-2016
Course Name M.Tech in Instrumentation & Control Engg. Institute Name SRM University, Chennai
Start Date 03-09-2011 End Date 09-06-2013
Course Name B.Tech Electronics and Instrumentation Institute Name West Bengal University of Technology
Start Date 27-07-2007 End Date 04-07-2016
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Specialty : Food, Fashion, Commercial
Language : Bengali, English, Hindi
Work preference
Availability : Part Time
J. D. Jones Pvt. Ltd.
Role Freelance Photographer
Start Date 18-09-2017 End Date 26-09-2017
Job description: To take photographs of all the products for the company website. Their were 250 products distributed in 7 categories, and each category had individual product shot in 2/3 different angles and one cover shot that contained all kind of products from that category.
Scarlet Splendour Design Pvt. Ltd.
Role Freelance Photographer
Start Date 11-09-2017 End Date 11-09-2017
Job Description: To take photographs of designer luxury furniture.
Swiggy (Bundle Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
Role Freelance Photographer
Start Date 18-07-2017 End Date 30-11-2017
Worked with Swiggy as a freelance photographer.
Job description: To take photographs of the food items of the restaurants for the Swiggy application/website.
Project Name
Start Date End Date