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About me

Hi ! I’m Roshan. I started my travels without any plans to unknown destinations. I always believe that ‘We live only once’. So I try to make most of my life by travelling around the world. travel and photography is just an integral part of my life. For me as a photographer ‘Every face has a story to tell’.

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I Have Everywhere To Go - Travel and Adventure Blog

Life is a string of sections of adventures. My blog is about how I started travelling to unknown and unplanned destinations and negotiating life’s little challenges.

I am a self-taught perpetual explorer, traveler and photographer focussing in the art and beauty of taking photographs and writing contents for them. I represent my true dedication and passion for exploring and traveling the unknown destinations. With my travel and adventures, I want to leave the world as a better place.

Course Name 12th CBSE Institute Name K. V. Shahinaug
Start Date 02-04-2012 End Date 28-04-2014
Course Name 10th CBSE Institute Name K. V. Cuttack (Odisha)
Start Date 01-03-2010 End Date 30-03-2012
Course Name B-tech CSE Institute Name NIIT University
Start Date 11-08-2014 End Date 24-12-2018
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Specialty : Fashion, Landscape, Wildlife, Action / Sports, Event, Photojournalism, Travel, Food
Language : Hindi, English, Gujarati, Odia
Work preference
Available In : Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur
Availability : Weekends
AIESEC - Color my World - Sri Lanka
Role Teacher
Start Date 05-06-2017 End Date 07-08-2017
Teaching English in British Way English Academy, Sri Lanka.
AIESEC- Explore: Promoting Tourism in Egypt
Role Explorer
Start Date 06-06-2016 End Date 03-08-2017
Experience of travelling, exploring, making friends all around the globe, made this journey of self discovery.
Project Name
Start Date End Date