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About me

an aspiring music composer/producer

Course Name Bachelor's in Electronics (B.E. ECE) Institute Name Madras Institute of Technology
Start Date 31-07-2006 End Date 31-05-2010
Course Name Western Classical Piano (Trinity) Institute Name Private
Start Date 04-05-2009 End Date 01-02-2013
Course Name Diploma in Audio Engineering Institute Name Muzik Lounge School of Audio Technology
Start Date 25-01-2012 End Date 30-06-2013
Course Name Western Vocals Preparatory Institute Name KM College of Music and Technology
Start Date 09-06-2014 End Date 30-09-2015
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English, Tamil
Category : Composer
Instruments : Piano
Music Reading : Sight Reading
Work preference
Available In : Chennai
Availability : Part Time
Documentary Teaser
Role Music Producer
Start Date End Date 12-10-2015
Recreated a Film Score for a documentary teaser about Balu Mahendra.

Half Boil
Role Music Composer / Producer
Start Date 01-07-2015 End Date 05-10-2015
Composed and Produced music for a Tamil short film titled ‘Half Boil’, which was screened at the AVM preview theatre.

A Silent Crusader
Role Music Composer / Notator
Start Date End Date
Wrote a score titled ‘A Silent Crusader’, that was performed by saxophonist Phil Pierick.
Nenjukkul Aval
Role Music Composer / Producer
Start Date 01-08-2014 End Date 01-11-2014
Composed, Produced and Wrote lyrics for my Tamil Music Video titled ‘Nenjukkul Aval’.

Music of the Glands
Role Music Producer
Start Date End Date
Produced soundscapes, background music and intonations for a meditation music project titled ‘Music of the Glands’.

Role Music Curator
Start Date End Date
Curated music playlists for ‘Clammr.com’, that included Billboard hits, rap, new age, etc.
Corporate Music
Role Music Producer
Start Date End Date
Produced music for a series of corporate videos.

Walk in the Rain - Mystic Poets Society
Role Music Composer / Producer
Start Date 01-05-2013 End Date 11-07-2013
Composed, Produced and Co-wrote an English song titled ‘Walk in the Rain’, in collaboration with Mystic Poets Society Group, comprising musicians across the world.

Project Name
Start Date End Date