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About me

I am an introvert but eventually I become absolute extrovert! Very talkative I have Good communication skills

Course Name Foundation course Institute Name The Actor’s Truth
Start Date 16-07-2018 End Date 13-08-2018
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Physical stats
Height : 5 Feet 3 Inches
Weight : 91 Kg
Hair Type : Wavy
Hair Length : Medium
Language : English, Hindi, Marathi
Expertise : Acting, Dancing, Anchoring
Work preference
Availability : Full Time
The Dark Road
Role Prisoner
Start Date 03-09-2018 End Date 17-10-2019
Jewish Prisoner whose daughter was taken away from SS officers and healthy patient to experiment the new ideas from SS Doctors! It’s a play about two sisters one is SS officials and other is against the crimes of Adolf Hitler!
Jisne Lahore Nahin Dekhya , Usse Jamiya Hi Nahin
Role Hamida Begum
Start Date 27-08-2018 End Date 07-09-2018
Hamida Begum is a Pakistani women who used to stay with her husband in India before partition! And after partition her life changes when they shift to Lahore! It’s a Play on INDO-PAK partition
Nobody’s famous
Role Heather
Start Date 13-08-2018 End Date 25-08-2018
Heather was a gullible girl! Very close to her best friend! She goes to Mooch for a reading but then force her best friend to take a reading! It’s a Farse Comedy play! Play revolves around Brenda, Heather’s best friend Heather is second lead!
Project Name
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