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About me

The one thing I Love is Pragmatism.Reading the books everytime and understanding only the theory part is not my interest ,learning the things so that we could be able to tag ourself as a doer.
Apart from studies,i love talking to people and knowing them and making a lot of new friends is perpetual for me.
My keen Interest is in Designing.After Completing The Designing in web with a good impact,
I have a 2 year Experience in Graphic Designer.
Being Indulging Myself Into Freelancing,to Accurat my Graphics Skills.

Course Name B.E Institute Name UIT-RGTU
Start Date 15-07-2013 End Date 01-07-2017
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English
Work preference
Not updated by the artist yet.
IISER Bhopal
Role Graphic Designer
Start Date 10-03-2016 End Date 11-05-2016
Completed Internship in IISER bhopal.
Role Graphic Designer
Start Date 01-06-2016 End Date 12-07-2016
Developed Graphics For a startup !!
Role Graphic Designer
Start Date 01-04-2014 End Date 14-01-2016
Freelancing !!
Role Sr.Graphic Designer
Start Date 20-01-2016 End Date 18-07-2016
Developing Graphics For this Firm.
Mainly Includes Brand Identity , Posters for Social Media , Printing Material Designing etc.
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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