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About me

For me it is not just taking photographs but creating a stories through my images.
The message could be about sharing an emotion, a feeling, a belief or a particular way of looking at the world around me. It is not just about sharing my photographs with an audience. It is also about sharing the meaning of my photographs with the audience. My photographs mean something to me. They are not just made up with just objects, people and features. It also contains an idea that represent my personal vision. Without a vision a photograph is just another image. But with vision an image becomes a photograph. It becomes a vehicle that carries my idea, my feelings and a story to my audience

Specialty : Fashion, Landscape, Travel, Architecture, Commercial
Language : Bengali, English, Hindi
Work preference
Available In : Anywhere In India
Client List Below
Role Commercial Photographe
Start Date 01-01-2008 End Date 24-09-2016
Client List :
Snapdeal(kolkata partner)
Flipkart(kolkata partner)
Weavers Studio
Sasha Export
Plankton communication
Liazo Advertising
World Bank
Janani(Dkt International)
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