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Language : Hindi, English, Punjabi
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Undhekhi Zindagi
Role A cheat and a person with no heart. Alcoholic, womaniser and one who thinks about only one person that’s him. A hedonistic person who doesn’t believe in alrutism But has good sense of humour.
Start Date 20-11-2017 End Date 20-12-2017
Born in a family of teacher who lives by his principles. But my character never ever wanted that life in early age he started having alcohol then drugs and then became a womaniser. Even sold his wife for his needs and killed his father and never regret nothing. The end was pretty dramatic when his fathers brother came back and he was a wanted terrorist he asked the character to fire the temple in the village in exchange of loads of alcohol and women the character tried but couldn’t do it. Here comes the reason of his life His mother who use to take him to that temple and love him a lot. But his uncle once raped the characters mother nd killed her but once he came back from jail he started fearing that tht incase his nephew gets to know the truth he will kill him. So he planned and promised him good money if he burns the temple and gets hold of the land and give it to him and then can make his life with the money and all the valuables his uncle promised. But the character came to know the truth and ampluated his uncle and made him live as a beggar in front of the temple. The story is much more complicated and meaningful than briefed above.
Cats on the roof tooo
Role Rum tum tugger
Start Date 20-09-2002 End Date 20-05-2003
An international theatre on cats who live on road where i played a wicked cat who would not work and survive by stealing food from fellow cats and relatives.
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