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About me

Dipanjan Dey’s drumming career has been a fledgling one thus far, but during his relatively short time as a drummer, he has made quite a name for himself. Known primarily as the drummer for The Monkey's Smile, Diya Ghosh, SHRAP. Dipanjan has firmly established himself as one of the city’s most promising musicians.
Having spent most of his childhood days listening to bands of a substance such as Dream Theater, Havok, Korn, Pantera, Slayer, Sepultura, and Slipknot, Dipanjan took his first steps in pursuit of a career in drumming in 2008. He enrolled in the renowned Calcutta School of Music, hoping to hone his skills and imitate the success of his favorite drummers. Growing up listening to the likes of Mike Portnoy, Joey Jordison, Igor Cavalera, and Roy Mayorga, Dipanjan acquired a taste for metal drumming. The hard-hitting styles of old-school thrash metal and ‘90s born were his comfort zone.

Today, with aggression as the focal aspect of his drumming, Dipanjan focuses on writing groovy drum parts, as is evident from his work with the band The Monkey’s Smile and Shrap. Dipanjan’s work with Shrap from 2012 to 2017 has been nothing short of stellar. Apart from helping Shrap to numerous band competition titles across the country and cementing their status as a frontrunner in Kolkata’s metal scene, Dipanjan has also contributed immensely to their EPs and their reputation for delivering energetic live performances.
Dipanjan also had a short stint with composer Chandrachur Mukherjee and his world music line-up in 2015 with that Dipanjan widened his horizons at musical styles such as bossa nova, country, jazz, pop, reggae, and tango.

In terms of individual accolades, Dipanjan’s first milestone came in 2013. His playing at Calcutta Medical College’s annual band competition earned him the Best Drummer award. What followed was an endorsement with Hybrid Sticks, well and truly confirming Dipanjan’s arrival as a top musician in the making. In 2014, he made the top 5 in Foxy Drummer’s World Drum Solo competition and bagged yet another endorsement, this time joining hands with Kolkata based drum makers Bronz. He also represented India in Drumoff Singapore 2017. Currently, Dipanjan is a music faculty at PANCHAM art and culture

Course Name BSC Institute Name Ashutosh college
Start Date 01-06-2012 End Date 30-06-2015
Course Name FTCL Institute Name Trinity Guildhall
Start Date 14-07-2011 End Date 10-12-2016
Course Name Diploma on video editing Institute Name Reliance Aims Kolkata
Start Date 18-08-2014 End Date 18-11-2015
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English, Bengali
Category : Instrumentalist
Instruments : Drums
Music Reading : Sight Reading
Work Preference
Available In : Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Anywhere In India
Availability : Full Time
Other Informations
Role Drummer
Start Date 01-03-2022  
REVOLUTION is a multilingual Rock band from KOLKATA-MUMBAI. We perform bollycovers & ORIGINALS as well. We have been featured in COLORS TV & ZEE MUSIC.
Funkiz Junkiz
Role Drummer
Start Date 01-11-2019  
"Funki'z Junki'z" is a Fun "Funk Blues Rock" band from Kolkata India. We have specialized in adding the Funk element to our Special Recipe of Junk, to make a unique combination that directly targets The Living Brain and Transmits out resulting in intense dance moves and shaking body parts of our Listeners.
The ASD Project
Role Drummer / Video Creator
Start Date 23-11-2019  
The ASD Project is a mainstream cover project.
watch our videos from youtube/theasdproject
Loy - Deep Live
Role Drummer / Video Editor
Start Date 15-08-2019  
Loy Chatterjee and Deep Dutta Sudipto are music directors from Bengal and have given music to films like Meher Ali, Oskar, Hacker, Gondi, etc. Loy - Deep Live is a brainchild of the charismatic duo where they perform their songs live.
Role Drummer / Video Producer
Start Date 12-06-2017  
Hallusutra is an instrumental duo project by Subhajit Bhowmick and Dipanjan Dey

Listen to our new album NONSENSE PRODUCT streaming across all major platforms.
Diya Ghosh Live
Role Drummer
Start Date 22-03-2018  
Coming from the City of Joy Kolkata, where people
predominantly focus on classical music, Diya Ghosh made her name
on YouTube owning to only her inborn talent. She soon turned out
to be a self-made YouTube sensation without having any professional
training in music. With her hard work and dedication she fought through
all the possible odds to stand out at a stage today where she is a proudly
representing herself as a versatile singer in all genre of music.

“Dream, Believe, Achieve” are the three words which she is focused
on. Her passion towards singing is from early childhood,
she started singing when she was just 3 years old and by the time
she was 17 years old, she had already won her first contest in singing.
From then, there was no looking back, she went on to conquer many
contests and enthralling hearts with her voice. She has a creative
insight and not only does she sing in her cover videos, but also does
all the tasks involved into graphic designing, directing the video,
Video editing , promotions and marketing on her own. Her creative
instinct is what brings up the fire in her to stick to her passion facing
all the odds. She has performed solo and also performs with the
renowned Bollywood Music Directors “THE MEET BROS” ,
shows involving College Fest, Wedding Events and Corporate Shows
The Monkey's Smile
Role Drummer, Video Creator
Start Date 18-05-2017  
What do you get when you mix upbeat Bollywood songs with energetic rock and metal grooves? The Monkey's Smile would not be too far fetched an answer. The band, formed in 2017, hails from Kolkata, the City of Joy, and it aims to bridge the gap between the world of rock and roll, and of course, Bollywood.

While the band is more cover-oriented at present, it plans to experiment with original compositions too. Expect The Monkey's Smile experience to be a roller-coaster ride, full of catchy guitar riffs, aggressive drumming, groovy bass playing, and melodic vocals.

Band Members:

Sudipto Pati – Vocalist – Sudipto focuses on power, melody and improvisation. On-stage, he has a bold presence, and is full of energy.

Sam Gopucore – Guitaritst/ Bassist (Studio) – Sam's experience with Not Yet Decided, a well-known band in the Kolkata metal circuit, has made him an aggressive guitar player who likes his riffs groovy and heavy. He also contributes as the band's bassist during recording sessions.

Subhajit Bhowmick – On-stage Bassist/ Drum Programming/ Graphic Design – A man of many talents, Subhajit plays three key roles for The Monkey's Smile, and plays them all very well. As the live bassist for the band, he is known for his high energy on-stage antics.

Dipanjan Dey – Drummer/ Video Production – An experienced drummer and a budding video production professional, Dipanjan too, like Subhajit, has numerous talents at his disposal, aggressive drumming being his specialty.

Anik Chowdhury – Marketing Manager – When it comes to marketing the band and maintaining its public relations, it's Anik who does the job. From advertising, branding, to web development, Anik handles several important responsibilities, and is just as important as the band that takes the stage.

Subrata Chowdhury – Band Manager – Responsible for business development, market engagement, CSR management, and managing internal issues of the band, Subrata is the quintessential modern-day band manager. He is the reason behind the band's professional attitude.
DA Project
Role Drummer/Music Arrangement/Productions
Start Date 01-11-2016  
DA Project is a duo instrumental project from Bengal, India.
It's a brainchild of Indian independent musician Subhajit Bhowmick and Dipanjan Dey.
Role Drummer
Start Date 01-03-2013 End Date 01-08-2017
Shrap is a Heavy metal band from kolkata and first Indian Crossover band. Shrap won MTV Never Hide Sounds in 2014, and presently signed with Powerback Productions (U.S.A) and released two Ep albums and three music videos and one live DVD. Shrap is endorsed by ten different brands and more is on the way.
The Sudipto Dutta Band feat Dipanjan Dey
Role Percussionist
Start Date 13-06-2012 End Date 31-12-2013
It was a Blues setup. The project was done to do cruise shows and cover some 80s and 90s blues.
Chandrachur Mukherjee and friends
Role Drummer/Percussion
Start Date 01-01-2010 End Date 31-12-2013
It was a world music and Indian classical fusion project lead by Sangeet Achariya Chandrachur Mukherjee. The music style in this project varied from Indian classical to Jazz, Funk, Latin, Bosanova etc.
Role Drummer
Start Date 01-01-2009 End Date 16-06-2010
Played some gigs with the band. It was a bengali alternative project.
Role Drummer
Start Date 02-03-2009 End Date 31-12-2011
Wren was a bengali alternative project in which i used to play drums and do the backing vocals. Wren has two albums releases SADAKALO and BHALOBASHAR RONOKHETRO.
Role Drummer/Manager
Start Date 01-01-2008 End Date 31-12-2009
Spartan was a hard rock project existed between 2008 and 2009. Spartan was formed to cover the Bollywood songs in hard rock style.
Role Drummer/percussion
Start Date 02-02-2006 End Date 16-06-2008
Khorgosh was a contemporary bengali project in which i played the drums as well as percussion. It was my first project with lots of senior musician of the industry.
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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