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About me

I am a singer and musician with over 10 years of experience. I sing all kinds of bollywood songs, ghazal and Sufi songs. I am also knwon as one man show for which I sing along with playing board and managing beats through keyboard. Apart from this dua and 3 piece band and full band as well. I am well versed to sing all kinds of Hindi songs with strength to sing for 4 hours constantly.

Course Name MA Institute Name Bareilly College Bareilly
Start Date 01-07-2000 End Date 30-05-2002
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English, Urdu
Instruments : Keyboard, Harmonium, Piano, Trumpet
Music Reading : Read Charts, Sight Reading
Genre : Sufi, Rock, Ghazal, Fusion, Indian Classical, New Age, New World, Original, Soul
Work preference
Available In : Delhi
Availability : Full Time
Self Band
Role Lead Vocalist
Start Date 01-04-1998 End Date 31-01-2006
Have been lead Vocalist in Self Band
Live Solo Performance
Role Lead Vocalist
Start Date 12-03-2018 End Date 31-08-2018
Have served a restaurant for 5 months 6 days a week
Restless Redzz
Role Vocalist
Start Date 30-05-2012 End Date 30-04-2017
Have performed with Corporate band for about 5 years
Project Name
Start Date End Date