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About me

Born to an Indian family in Dubai. A self-driven & a very determined individual who immensely believes in pursuing his DREAMS no matter how wild the world claims them to be. Being a trained public speaker and an experienced stage actor, I have the advantage of establishing a strong ‘connect’ on the ground which is effectively complemented by my dynamic personality.
Over the years of getting groomed by professionals such as Neeraj Kabi, Zakir Hussain, Sarita Hussain and doing numerous stage plays I would be honored to deliver the best on & off screen.

Course Name High school Institute Name Indian high school
Start Date 01-03-1994 End Date 03-03-2008
Course Name College-associates in business studies Institute Name American college of Dubai
Start Date 01-03-2009 End Date 03-05-2010
Course Name College- Business management and public speaking Institute Name University of Wales UK
Start Date 03-05-2010 End Date 03-05-2012
Course Name Neeraj Kabi theatre and acting workshop Institute Name Neeraj Kabi
Start Date 01-03-2016 End Date 07-03-2016
Course Name Voice-overs & Modulation | Dir e c t o r - A l i K h a n d u w a l a Institute Name T h e K r e a ti v e C o m p a n y
Start Date End Date
Course Name Production, Improvisation & Character Building| Leo wong Institute Name Acting in the UAE
Start Date End Date
Course Name On-screen & Diction Training Zakir Hussain| Sarita Hussain Institute Name Theatre Circle
Start Date End Date
Course Name Acting workshop| Meisner Institute Name Indriyani Theatre
Start Date End Date
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Physical Stats
Height : 5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight : 73 Kg
Bust : 34 Inches
Waist : 32 Inches
Hips : 30 Inches
Chest : 40 Inches
Biceps : 15 Inches
Hair Type : Wavy
Hair Length : Medium
Language : Hindi, English, Sindhi, International Language
Expertise : Acting, Voice Over, Modelling, Anchoring
Work Preference
Available In : Anywhere In India
Availability : Full Time
Other Informations
Experience 9 Years 9 Months 
Pick me, Dubai
Stage play
Manto Toba Tek Singh , 2019 Dubai
Stage play
Still Dancing 2019 Dubai
Stage play
Ek tha Chekov 2019, Mumbai
Stage play
Nagar Ki Nagariya 2018, Indore
Role Goldsmith
Stage play in Urdu
Room 1007 - Short film
Role Lead
Start Date 23-03-2020 End Date 23-08-2020
Short film
Magnificent Man -
Role Lead
Start Date 23-05-2019 End Date 23-08-2019
Short film
No U turn
Role Lead
Start Date 23-04-2019 End Date 23-08-2019
Short film
On the Surface - Short Film (2018)
Role Lead
Start Date 23-10-2018 End Date 23-11-2018
Short film
Cameo shoot for Anandham channel
Role Ram
Start Date 01-04-2016 End Date 02-04-2016
cameo shoot for a new shoot
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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