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About me

I am a Bangalore based voiceover artist looking for interesting projects/assignments/jobs that i can be a part of.The voice is God given but the perseverance is mine!

Course Name BBM Institute Name St.Joseph College of Commerce
Start Date 01-06-2013 End Date 25-03-2016
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada
Expertise : Narrator, Story Teller, Movie Trailer Voice, Phone/ivr Voice, Radio Jockey, Documentary, Promo Voice
Wake up With Light
Role Voiceover artist
Start Date 01-09-2015 End Date 30-11-2015
Voiceover artist for Electronic music producer Lethal Light's podcast Wake up With Light.
Role Oratory consultant
Start Date 01-04-2015 End Date 30-04-2015
Oratory consultant for Chris Avinash for his lead role in a drama
Jingle Jam
Role Voiceover artist
Start Date 01-12-2010 End Date 20-12-2010
One of the voices for Bethany High School in the Radio Indigo annual Jingle Jam.
App Trainer
Role Raja the App trainer
Start Date 01-09-2016 End Date 30-11-2016
English voiceover consultant artist for Edutel technologies.
Project Name
Start Date End Date