Talentrack Recruiter App

How to ask an artist to update their portfolio?

Open portfolio, click request profile update.

If I want to repost one of my older requirements, how do I do that?

Click on menu, job and applications, click repost job, select end date, submit.

How do I check my remaining free limits (applicant/search portfolio & contact)?

Go to menu, click on transation history.

How do I get my account verified?

Click on menu, click on your name, Click on ”verify your account”, uplod document, verify.

What is recommended artists, where they are?

Recommended artist are those selected by us on behalf of your search history. Go to menu, Click on recommended artist.

How do I look for fresh faces added to the Talentrack database?

Go to menu, click on new artist.

Is it clear that an Artist can be added to multiple folders?

Yes, Click on artist portfolio, click on + sign, select folder(s) and add.

How to purchase a package?

Go to menu click on get packages, select your plan, proceed to checkout.

How do I know what is my free contact / portfolio count?

Open your account, click on small arrow on right corner below your screen.

How can I rate the app internally?

Go to menu from your App, click settings, 4rth last option is Rate us

Can I edit a posted job?

Yes! Your posted job can be edited by your relationship manager.