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Share your cover version of any song present on Smule playlists with your talentrack relationship manager or enter your details below & get access to Smule VIP Account (worth Rs 550) and Smule Coins for free.
Upload more songs as VIP member and invite your friends to Jam with you on Smule.
Increase your fanbase. Win prizes from Smule and earn Smule Badges on your talentrack profile.
Get noticed and hired faster!
smule bronze <=100 songs smule silver 100+ songs
and 100+ fans
smule gold 100+ songs,
100+ fans
and 100+
Thank you for submitting your details.
Please feel free to login / register yourself as an artist on talentrack for more opportunities.

For more details please call: +91 78279 86073 / +91 95996 66900

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