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Sauarbh Bansal

I am an actor who expresses his ideas and portrays characters in theater, film, television, and other performing arts media. I interpret a writer’s script to entertain or inform an audience. Being an actor has taught me not only the skill to act but numerous other skills such has dancing, singing, stage fighting etc. I am looking for opportunities and assignments that can make me showcase my acting to a large audience. I am open to projects from all parts of India. Having attained experience in this field, I wish to strive for excellence.

I have worked in commercials and corporate films for renowed organisations like Airtel, Mahindra Motors etc. I have been acted in the webseries of TrulyMadly and have been cast in episodes of Savdhaan India. Apart from acting in several feature and short films, I have also worked in 1 print shoot.

course name MBA institute name Amity University
start date 01-07-2008 end date 31-07-2011
course name institute name
start date end date
physical stats
height : 5 feet 3 inches
weight : 63kg
waist : 30 inches
chest : 37 inches
biceps : 14 inches
hair type : wavy
hair length : short
language : hindi, english
work preference
available in : anywhere in india
availability : full time
Mahindra Motors
role Salesman
start date 31-01-2012 end date 02-02-2012
It was a corporate film wherein I played a character of a salesman.
role An Executive
start date 20-05-2012 end date 22-05-2012
It was a corporate movie and I played a character of an Airtel executive in senior management.
Multimedia Project
role A soldier
start date 15-05-2012 end date 15-05-2012
It was a multimedia project and video available to the tourist guides in Agra. I played a character of a soldier in Shahjahan's group.
Cancer Research Lab
role Doctor
start date 17-07-2012 end date 17-07-2012
It was a print shoot for a cancer research lab.
role Jogger
start date 11-01-2012 end date 15-03-2012
I just played a character of a jogger who has some light talks with the lead while having morning walk.
Aakhiri CHori
role A dynamite expert
start date 02-09-2011 end date 07-09-2011
It was also made for 48 hour film project and I played a character of a Dynamite expert so it was again a negative character.
Side Effects
role someone who is desparate for sex
start date 01-07-2011 end date 06-07-2011
It was a funny short film made for 48 hour film project in which I played a character who enjoys watching porn movies.
Another Side
role Soul
start date 14-08-2013 end date 20-08-2013
It was a very good character who makes the people realize that suicide is not the only solution if nothing goes in your favor. There must be ANOTHER SIDE to the story.
The Lake
role Tantric
start date 01-07-2013 end date 31-07-2013
It was a full length horror movie (unreleased) in which I played a character of a Tantric who kills the travellers with the myth spread of a pond.
Savdhan India
role Gift Shop Owner
start date 10-09-2013 end date 11-09-2013
I played a character of a gift shop owner who gives an important clue through which the lead reaches the actual murderer.
project name
start date end date
Coming Soon.