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+What is talentrack?

+Why become a member?

+What are my chances to get placed?

+Which are the top brands hiring on talentrack?

+How do I make payments on talentrack?

+How to make a portfolio on talentrack?

+How to apply for jobs on talentrack?

+How can I check the status of my job applications?

+How will recruiters contact me?

+Do I have to pay any commission if I am selected for a job/ audition/ project on talentrack?

+What is a Premium Membership?

+I am unable to login.

+I am unable to add images/videos to my portfolio.

+How can I delete my account?

+How can I change my password?

+I don’t want my talentrack portfolio/images to appear in Google Search

+How can I update my portfolio/personal information?

+I am unable to apply for jobs.

+What is StarMeter?

+Can I audition online?

+Why should I follow a recruiter?

+Can I register in multiple categories?

+How to increase my portfolio views?

+How to report abuse?

+I don’t want to receive Emails/SMS.

+Can I register or apply for jobs even if I am not staying in India?

+Can I change my category later?

+ What is the minimum age to become a member on talentrack?

+Can I register on talentrack using my Google or Facebook account?

+How to add YouTube Videos and audio links to my profile?

+What is a relationship manager?

+Can I change my phone number?

+Can I change my location once I have completed my registration?

+What is talentrack?

+Which are the top brands hiring on talentrack?

+Why should I hire on talentrack?

+How do I register as a recruiter on talentrack?

+How to post a job on talentrack?

+How do I contact the artists?

+What is the difference between platinum and showcase artists?

+I am not able to see contact number of platinum artists

+Can I see how many talents have applied to my job?

+How to use recruiter dashboard?

+What are the benefits of the packages?

+How to invite artists for auditions?

+What are the free services available on talentrack?

+Can I contact artists for free?