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Company Profile NEED trained ACTORS FOR 3 UPCOMING PROJECTS in 2020-21 of web series and full length feature film, No registration, No any demand we TRACK only TALENT Ram films Productions pvt ltd 15+ branches in india || Head office #Mumbai Fastest growing film production in INDIA. only film production in India who has 15+ branches and countinued.... NOTE- whichever state or city we will get 15 students for our class, our branch will come to that city within a month, so please share if you want Ram films productions's next branch in your city OUR VISION- Our first objective is that every month a Hindi film with local actors from that branch should be made of at least 90 minutes or a web series made of 3 episodes of at least 20-20 minutes. OUR TARGET- Our goal is to have a lot of film productions in different cities of all the states by 2022, so that local artists do not have to leave their families and land and go far to find a platform! OUR WORKs- Film finance, Film making, Casting, Film making setup on rent =IACTING COURSE on DEMAND - now Acting course available on every branch of Ram films productions private limited. But there will be only 15 admission per month will be taken basis of auditions. Free REGISTRATION is running for 15 students, contact your nearby branch. Course fee - 5000 per month Duration - 2 months CONTACT INFORMATION- 8080141140 8233411952 You can contact directly to the Founder and CEO Mr. Ram Kashyap between 9 pm to 11 pm to discuss any issue or colloboration for new branch in your city calling-9810849355 WhatsApp -7262081317 ramfilmsproductionsram@gmail.com ramkashyapfilms@gmail.com For Writters/Directors mail id - Winheartswinworld@gmail.com Official website - www.ramfilmproduction.com
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