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About me

Volunteering to record books for the blind while in Los Angeles a decade ago led me into the world of voicing. I have been behind the mic for over twelve yrs now. My work experience includes audio books, commercials, corporate videos, e-learning, podcasts, documentaries, and telephone applications.
* Neutral English with a hint of British
*Styles: authoritative, competent, casual conversational, warm, inspiring, sincere, soft-spoken
* Languages: English, Hindi, and Marathi.
Currently in Mumbai, I have ready access to professional studios. High quality work with a quick turnaround is guaranteed.
I'm also a singer.

Course Name Voice Over Basics Institute Name The Voiceover Connection
Start Date 06-03-2007 End Date 21-09-2007
Course Name Commercials Intensive Institute Name BrainTracks Audio
Start Date 11-10-2007 End Date 22-12-2007
Course Name Narration and Audiobooks Institute Name Stefan Rudnicki
Start Date 06-03-2008 End Date 22-06-2008
Course Name Indian Classical - Vocals Institute Name Suresh Wadkar's Ajivasan Music Academy
Start Date 01-03-2016 End Date 20-03-2017
Course Name Singing Workshop -Sanjay Vidyarthi Institute Name T-Series Stageworks Academy
Start Date 10-07-2021 End Date 01-08-2021
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English, Marathi
Other Informations
Experience 15 Years 4 Months 
Sankara Nethralaya Radio Promo
Role VO
Promo for fusion music concert for Radio Zindagi
Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet
Role Audiobook Narrator
Start Date 01-01-2013 End Date 01-03-2013
Written by Kashmira Sheth, and set in contemporary Mumbai, Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet is about a young Indian girl, Jeeta, and her rebellion against the tradition of arranged marriages in her family.
Business Caller Tune
Role VO
Start Date 12-09-2012 End Date 14-09-2012
Caller tune for Interlogicx Embedded Solutions
Role VO
Start Date 04-07-2012 End Date 12-07-2012
Corporate narration for Cerebroid Media
C Programming and Data Structures
Role VO
Start Date 01-09-2012 End Date 10-09-2012
Corporate narration for Cerebroid Media, Bangalore
The Lemsen Project
Role VO
Start Date 05-07-2012 End Date 12-07-2012
E-learning project for Bailey & Associates, USA
India Today Podcast
Role Narrator
Start Date 03-01-2011 End Date 03-01-2012
Weekly news narrations for India Today Audio Magazine - One Year
Mohandas Gandhi
Role Audiobook Narrator
Start Date 01-06-2011 End Date 22-06-2011
Belonging to a series that examines the lives of people who have had a major impact on the history or current practice of religion, this book, written by Anne M Todd and Martin E Marty, follows the life of Mohandas Gandhi.
Early Childhood Course
Role Role of Karuna
Start Date 01-03-2011 End Date 01-04-2011
Online course for child care center workers for Maryland Public Television, USA
Docomo Facebook Bol
Role Young college student
Start Date 01-03-2011 End Date 04-03-2011
VO for Facebook Ad
Hinduism (Audiobook)
Role Narrator
Start Date 01-10-2010 End Date 01-11-2010
Part of a series of books on world literature, this book by Madhu Bazaz Wangu tells the story of Hinduism. It covers traditional customs and beliefs and throws light upon how Hinduism is practiced today.
A Community of Communities
Role Narrator
Start Date 21-10-2010 End Date 24-10-2010
Campaign video for the Financial Planning Association of Denver, USA
Noggin Labs
Role Voiceover Artist
Start Date 01-07-2010 End Date 10-07-2010
Software education program for Noggin Labs, Chicago.
Child of Dandelions (Audiobook)
Role Fifteen year old girl
Start Date 02-09-2008 End Date 02-10-2008
Child of Dandelions is a coming-of-age novel about a teenage Indian girl, Sabine, as she copes with the reality that she and her family are no longer welcome in the land of her birth, Uganda, when President Idi Amin ordered Indians to leave the country in 1972.
On the Road with the Code
Role Narrator
Start Date 01-10-2008 End Date 07-10-2008
Corporate video for Yahoo!
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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