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Hi everyone ,namaste to every elders- sir and madam, with. taking blessings and well = wish and love for me from you all teachers I want to share a short story about my self My biography- Dreams in Life My name is Suryapratim Das,,actually as the white lovely flowers blossoms in pinkish white atmosphere of heaven in this madly universe," thou it seems as zeal. but it's an artefact", my 129+165 ie life has also been portrayed by circumstances in such an ironical but beautifully i.e diplohaplontically,my insight and my behold thoughts led me to screen the whole panorama,the whole ecstatic sense of fragrance of life into 2 categories that holds 2 notion of errands as a similar -i = a beautiful child as a gift of love -ii= a <9 lavender as a symbol of beauty,romance, ethics of traditional attired pride,/colour as a symbol of freedom to upright and raise near desire and happiness for external slumber of bliss My thoughts of life is just a sketch of the above lines I have estimated therin. pseudo pranks can be hidden with figures of unconventional designed but it is not true for insidious /pernicious swam of sinister bees which once encounter ones life can not be retrieved All these I have been encouraged and endeavoured by words of novel and casting of films,serials especially Bollywood which led me to reveal my inside views as a satirical artist, this hope give my birth to express my love my affection d my voice of praise my focus as a live show designer, as a live show artist in colors,don't,starplus,zee tv. etc to express my inconvenient grief to seek differences appears to and fro, to express myself what I do as an all rounder to make harsh control and condemn irony instead of it want to show and express harmony Accord in life before everyone which a mother,symbol of pure love always does with their children and want to discard dissonance,remorse from life via acting cast of films, serials May God keeps blessing everyone =O=Ld and protect with joy , optimism and affection Thank you so much =? . ==

Course Name Botany Institute Name Dr APJ Abdul Kalam govt college
Start Date 15-07-2019 End Date
Course Name Botany Institute Name Dr APJ Abdul Kalam govt college
Start Date 15-07-2019 End Date
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English, Bengali
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Availability : Long-term
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Role karna
Start Date 05-02-2019  
last conversation between mother kunti and her first own son karna before the starting point of the greatest epic Mahabharat kurukshyetra
karnakuntisangbad ,by RN Tagore
Role karna
Start Date 07-10-2015  
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