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About me

I have a 25 year old actor from Mumbai with over 7 years of training. I have been doing theatre since the last 5 years with over 60 shows. I can play casual & character roles . Iam confident about my craft because I work on it regularly kindly check out my YouTube channel or Instagram @jevincontractor_ for my work ! I have done plays like 12 angry men, Odd couple , one slight hitch and Julias ceaser at the royal Opera House Mumbai . Would love to audition for you Thank you

Physical stats
Height : 5 Feet 3 Inches
Weight : 62 Kg
Hair Type : Straight
Language : Hindi, English, Gujarati
Work preference
Available In : Delhi, Mumbai, Anywhere In India
Availability : Full Time
Other Informations
Alpha coach digi Ad
Role Lead
Start Date 20-03-2022 End Date 21-03-2022
This was about the app alpha coach where one can track fitness
Solar square Digi Ad
Role Lead
Start Date 23-05-2023 End Date 24-05-2023
This digi Ad was about 2 people discussing the benefits Solar panels
Harrison’s bag Digi Ad
Role Lead
Start Date 19-04-2021 End Date 20-04-2021
The digi Ad was about a boy who starts his day with the bay and how it contributes to his life
Julius ceaser
Role Supporting lead
Start Date 11-01-2022 End Date 09-05-2022
I played the role of marallus in William Shakespeare’s Julius ceaser at the royal Opera House in Mumbai . I was part of 12 shows . I opened the play in the first scene and I was one of the conspirators who killed ceaser.
One slight hitch ( theatre )
Role Lead
Start Date 09-03-2022 End Date 10-06-2022
One slight hitch is a story Around a father getting his daughters engaged and he’ll breaks loose . It was a great experiment playing a role more then half my age .
Odd couple ( theatre )
Role Supporting lead
Start Date 09-06-2019 End Date 09-09-2022
I have done over 40 shows of Odd couple by Neil Simon , it helped my brush up my casual acting skills and explore the sitcom genre.
Digital Ad for the Indian government
Role Primary Cast
Start Date 11-04-2021 End Date 11-04-2021
You can check out the digital ad on my Instagram @jevincontractor_
12 angry men
Role Lead actor
Start Date 11-07-2019 End Date 11-08-2019
12 angry men is a 1950 drama, where a jury decides a boys fate after being convinced by one man ! Juror no 8 if you know the story !
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