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About me

Shruti, the vocalist has a soulful and powerful voice who does justice to the traditional sufi poetries and folk songs she sings in her own unique style. Classical music training was a part of growing up for her as she is from an illustrious musical family of Darbhanga Dhrupad Gharana. Shruti is a versatile singer who lends her voice to TV and Radio Jingles frequently and has also featured in India Idol season 9 and The Voice Season 2. Bringing together the knowledge of classical music and the experience of singing varied musical genres, Shruti enchants the audience with her mellifluous voice.

Course Name PhD Institute Name Faculty of management Studies, University of Delhi
Start Date 10-07-2014 End Date 30-07-2020
Course Name Sangeet Shiromani Institute Name Faculty of Music and Fine Arts. University of Delhi
Start Date 30-04-2007 End Date 21-04-2009
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English, Odia, Punjabi, Maithili, Bhojpuri
Genre : Dadra, Indian Classical, Bhajan, Alternative, Dance, Disco, Electronic, Experimental, Folk, Fusion, Ghazal, Hip Hop, Original, Pop
Work preference
Available In : Mumbai, Delhi
Availability : Full Time
Other Informations
Experience 12 Years 6 Months 
Discovery channel Incredible India Campaign
Role Singer
Start Date 17-07-2012 End Date 17-07-2012
I sang this jingle for the Incredible India campaign which used to air on the Discovery channel. And I have done many such projects for brands like, JK Tyres, Tupperware, mega cabs, Fem gold bleach, Big Bazaar to name a few.
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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