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About me

I recently complete my degree.Now I am working as fashion consultant in Indian Fashion Association Zone that is on international level. I am looking for modeling acting projects like music videos, daily soaps, movies. I am a theater artist and I've done Punjabi music videos and immigration adds.

Course Name Multimedia Institute Name HMV. college jalandhar
Start Date 07-07-2013 End Date 18-05-2017
Course Name 12th Institute Name HMV College jalandhar
Start Date 10-04-2012 End Date 14-04-2013
Course Name Multimedia Institute Name HMV College Jalandhar
Start Date 10-07-2013 End Date 31-05-2017
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Physical stats
Height : 5 Feet 3 Inches
Weight : 48 Kg
Bust : 32 Inches
Waist : 28 Inches
Hips : 32 Inches
Chest : 32 Inches
Hair Type : Wavy
Hair Length : Medium
Language : Punjabi, English, Hindi
Expertise : Modeling, Acting, Voice Over
Work preference
Availability : Full Time
Ad film
Role Student
Start Date 27-09-2016 End Date
Immigration company named Trivedi Schools of English wants to promote their company
Dorran us rabb te
Role Model
Start Date 16-06-2017 End Date 18-06-2017
Story of a family
Immigration Ad film
Role Student
Start Date End Date
Ad is about overseas company. Whole story revolve around the students.
Role Lead Model
Start Date 11-06-2016 End Date 11-06-2016
Challa is a single track by Punjabi Singer Gursewak.
Role Model
Start Date 20-08-2016 End Date 20-08-2016
Bapu is a single track by Punjabi Singer Sondhi Sabb released by VS Records in August 2016
Putt Sardaran De
Role model
Start Date 29-03-2016 End Date 29-03-2016
Putt Sardaran De is a single track by Punjabi Singer Karan Veer released in August 2016
Badami Rangiye
Role model
Start Date 22-05-2016 End Date 23-05-2016
Badami Rangiye is a single track by Punjabi Singer Garrie Dhaliwal released in August 2016 and running successfully on punjabi channels.
Role lead female model
Start Date 04-11-2015 End Date 05-11-2015
Sohnea is a single track by Punjabi Singer Vijay Yamla released on lohri 2016
Project Name
Start Date End Date