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About me

A social entrepreneur runninng stuudent union named Ekk Pahel since April 2016. A part time blogger and a pursuing engineering from Bangalore. An expert in website design and content writing. Working experience in blog writing is about 2 years. for more, visit agrawalayush.com
Dont go on my city, i can do that work online which the people sitting beside you may not be able to do. Wanna check?? Offer Me a non-paid Job !!!

Course Name B.E in Cse Institute Name Pesit, Bangalore
Start Date 03-08-2015 End Date
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Type Of Writing : Online Writer
Language : Hindi
Work preference
Available In : Bangalore
Availability : Part Time
Social Entrepreneurship
Role Founder
Start Date 11-04-2016 End Date
Project Name
Start Date End Date