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About me

lifestyle influencer, mom influencer, foodartist, food reviewer, parenting anchor

Course Name MBA Marketing Institute Name Mumbai
Start Date 04-06-2008 End Date 04-03-2010
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Physical Stats
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Language : Hindi, English
Other Informations
leading mom for Crettolabs Ad
Role influencer model
Start Date 25-05-2022 End Date 30-05-2022
influencer model for fashion fundey
Role modelling for jwellery website
Start Date 04-04-2022 End Date 04-06-2022
model face as well as an influencer for the jwellery brand sharing
Foodart for Early Foods
Role create foodarts for social media handles
Start Date 04-02-2021 End Date 04-06-2021
make foodart using only Indian and healthy ingredients to promote traditional food grains
foodart for Ryan international school
Role make foodart for Ryan international social media page
Start Date 05-07-2019 End Date 05-09-2019
make foodarts for kids and explain mom's of fussy eaters how to get them to eat healthy
Kotak Mahindra Ad
Role Mom Model
Start Date 04-06-2019 End Date 05-06-2019
one of the main leads for the digital advertisment
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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