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Raj Zutshi a well known face on TV. Born on February 4, 1961 in Delhi, India. He is known for his stupendous work in slumdog millionaire, Lagaan: Once upon a time in India and Rudraksh.

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Agnivarsha: The fire and the rain
Role Actor
Start Date 30-08-2002 End Date
Role Actor
Start Date 08-04-1985 End Date
Role Actor
Start Date 21-07-1986 End Date
Qayamat se Qayamat tak
Role Shyam
Start Date 01-03-1988 End Date
Role Salim
Start Date 07-03-1989 End Date
Role Actor
Start Date 08-02-1989 End Date
Tum mere ho
Role Damru
Start Date 25-05-1990 End Date
Parda hai Parda
Role Thomas
Start Date 10-07-1992 End Date
Role Vijay Rao
Start Date 15-11-1994 End Date
Role Jaswant Singh
Start Date 25-10-1996 End Date
Chachi 420
Role Dr. Rohit
Start Date 19-12-1997 End Date
Hu tu tu
Role Actor
Start Date 22-01-1999 End Date
Role Nikhil
Start Date 19-11-1999 End Date
Hum toh mohabbat karega
Role Geeta's brother
Start Date 26-05-2000 End Date
Role Parvati's husband
Start Date 16-02-2001 End Date
One 2 ka 4
Role Sawant
Start Date 30-03-2001 End Date
Role Terrorist
Start Date 08-03-2002 End Date
Shaheed- E- Azam
Role Actor
Start Date 23-03-2002 End Date
Role Gajanan's son
Start Date 12-07-2002 End Date
Role Kishan Bhai
Start Date 27-09-2002 End Date
Role Jashan
Start Date 16-05-2013 End Date
Role Moses
Start Date 04-07-2003 End Date
Kahan ho tum
Role Police inspector
Start Date 11-07-2003 End Date
Rules: Pyar ka superhit formula
Role Uday
Start Date 05-09-2003 End Date
Love in Nepal
Role George
Start Date 05-03-2004 End Date
Role Inspector
Start Date 02-04-2004 End Date
Krishna cottage
Role Prof. Siddharth
Start Date 02-04-2004 End Date
Role Maj. Kaushal
Start Date 18-06-2004 End Date
Deewar: Let's bring our heroes home
Role Jatin Kumar
Start Date 25-06-2004 End Date
American daylight
Role Nirmal
Start Date 17-12-2004 End Date
Role Actor
Start Date 21-01-1998 End Date 30-07-2019
Lakeer- Forbidden lines
Role Monty
Start Date 14-05-2004 End Date
Kiss kis ko
Role Max
Start Date 29-10-2004 End Date
Socha na tha
Role Aditi's brother
Start Date 04-03-2005 End Date
Tango charlie
Role Naxalist revolution
Start Date 25-03-2005 End Date
Kya kool hai hum
Role D. K. Bose
Start Date 06-05-2005 End Date
Ramji londonwaley
Role Jay kapoor
Start Date 02-09-2005 End Date
Freedom of life
Role Doctor
Start Date 04-09-2005 End Date
Role Actor
Start Date 26-01-2007 End Date
The hangman
Role Actor
Start Date 05-02-2010 End Date
Ek ajnabee
Role Wong
Start Date 09-12-2005 End Date
Role Raaka
Start Date 30-12-2005 End Date
Divorce: Not between hisband and wife
Role Shyam
Start Date 01-12-2005 End Date
Role Woo Fong
Start Date 12-01-2006 End Date
36 china town
Role Drunk man
Start Date 21-04-2006 End Date
Role Dr. Raj
Start Date 19-08-2006 End Date
Role Vicky. B. Singh
Start Date 25-08-2006 End Date
Rockin' Meera
Role Prem
Start Date 07-10-2006 End Date
Just married: Marriage was only the beginning
Role Arjun Kohli
Start Date 16-03-2007 End Date
Life mein kabhie kabhie
Role Raj Gujral
Start Date 13-04-2007 End Date
Role Detective Sam
Start Date 13-07-2007 End Date
Role Dawa
Start Date 23-07-2007 End Date
Gandhi, My father
Role Actor
Start Date 03-08-2007 End Date
Role Raj
Start Date 19-10-2007 End Date
Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal
Role Monty singh
Start Date 23-11-2007 End Date
Role Biju
Start Date 22-08-2008 End Date
Role Father thomas
Start Date 12-09-2008 End Date
Role Mahesh Verma
Start Date 02-10-2008 End Date
Mumbai calling
Role Sunil
Start Date 30-05-2009 End Date
Anubhav: An actor's tale
Role Vanraj
Start Date 05-06-2009 End Date
Zor laga ke haiya!
Role Asthana
Start Date 12-06-2009 End Date
Love aaj kal
Role Harleen's father
Start Date 31-07-2009 End Date
Stanley ka dabba
Role Rajendranath
Start Date 13-05-2011 End Date
A strange love story
Role Baljeet Billy
Start Date 20-05-2011 End Date
My friend Pinto
Role Mac
Start Date 14-10-2011 End Date
Role Rohan
Start Date 11-01-2013 End Date
Kya Dilli kya Lahore
Role Barfi Singh
Start Date 02-05-2014 End Date
Life is beautiful
Role Mike
Start Date 22-08-2014 End Date
Take it easy
Role Actor
Start Date 02-01-2015 End Date
Ab tak chappan 2
Role Rawle
Start Date 26-02-2015 End Date
Role Baaz rawat
Start Date 14-08-2015 End Date
Land of the gods
Role Taxi driver
Start Date 10-09-2016 End Date
Jet trash
Role Shay
Start Date 02-12-2016 End Date
Viceroy's house
Role Head chef
Start Date 11-08-2017 End Date
The good karma hospital
Role Juan Gonzalez
Start Date 05-02-2017 End Date
Ghar jana hai: The stories untold
Role Male lead
Start Date 25-05-2017 End Date
The wishing tree
Role Nikita's father
Start Date 09-06-2017 End Date
Love training
Role Salli supari
Start Date 02-11-2018 End Date
Divya Drishti
Role actor
Start Date 23-02-2019 End Date
Kareinjit Kaur: The untold story
Role Special appearance
Start Date 16-07-2018 End Date
Family of Thakurganj
Role Ballu Thapa
Start Date 19-07-2019 End Date
Role Prakash
Start Date 05-10-1989 End Date
Role Man in mental
Start Date 13-02-2004 End Date
Lagaan: Once upon a time in India
Role Ismail
Start Date 15-06-2001 End Date
Slumdog millionaire
Role Director
Start Date 23-01-2009 End Date
Project Name
Start Date End Date