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About me

Personality and Instinct:
Regular and Punctual, Professionally Committed Hard Worker, Fast Learner, Time Management, Mind Management, Self Driven, Go Getter, Cosmopolitan, Uniformity and Unique Attitude, Universal Communication and Soft skills, Polite, Sophisticated, Conceptual, Utopian, Reserved Nature with Social Networking, Preserved Character with Civilization, Humanitarian, Discover All time Facts by Self knowledge with regard to Feelings and Dealings, Intuition, Understanding and Implementing Ancient Self Healing Techniques and Therapies. Follower of Self Spirituality and Universal Truth and Respect the Believes and Customs of Every Human Being.

Course Name BBM, ADCA, WDD Institute Name University of Mysore
Start Date 01-06-2009 End Date 31-05-2013
Course Name BBM, ADCA, WDD Institute Name University of Mysore
Start Date 01-06-2009 End Date 31-05-2013
Course Name Institute Name
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Language : English, Kannada
Work preference
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All Industries Project
Role All Round Administrative Manager
Start Date 01-08-2013 End Date 30-06-2019
Worked as All Round Administrative Manager for Six years to Multi Organizations, Multi Cooperatives and Multi National Companies on Freelance International Corporate Projects in accordance with Public-Private Sector Enterprises, Manufacturing Industry, Service Industry of Construction and Architecture, Building and Land Developing -Real Estate, Granite and Marble, Ceramics and Natural Stones, E-Commerce, Digitalization, Art and Crafts Industry, Small Scale and Cottage Industry, Agriculture, Horticulture, Organic Farming and Millet Culture, Hotel and Resort Industry, Tourism and Hospitality, Health and Wealth Management, Network and Direct Marketing, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnology Industry, Information Technology Industry, Space Industry, Computer Applications and Software Industry, Business Schools, Global Education and Employment Excellences, International Language and Cultural Exchanges, International Business, Foreign Direct Investment, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Enterprise Resource Planning, Special Economic Zones, Regular Marketing Products, Transportation, Logistics, Imports, Exports, Entrepots and many more associated with all the sectors of Technical Business and Practical Economy.
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