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Nishant AdhagaleFILMMAKER | MUMBAI

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About me

I am a freelance Director and video editor with a Certificate in Film and Television Editing from the digital academy - The Film School. I am from Parbhani, Maharashtra, & currently living in Mumbai, Maharashtra. I Just love directing, editing & I'm always looking for meaningful freelance work that I can contribute and better my skills.

Course Name Film and Television Editing Institute Name Digital Academy
Start Date 20-10-2014 End Date 20-03-2015
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Expertise : Short Film, Feature Film, Documentary Film, Corporate Film
Other Informations
Role Director
Start Date 20-04-2017 End Date 22-04-2017
A Short Film on Habits...!!!
Role 1st Asst. Director
Start Date 20-03-2017 End Date 16-04-2017
Its a Marathi Feature Film Its into Post Production
Tula Pan Bashing Bandhayeche
Role Associate Director
Start Date 20-12-2016 End Date 05-02-2017
Its a Marathi Feature Film...Currently into Post Production Cast List for this movie is as follow : Sunil Godbole, Suresh Vishwakarma, Yatin Karyekar, Vikram Gokhale, Arjun Jadhav, Harshi Sharma, Bhakti Chavan....!!!
Role Director / Editor
Start Date 18-03-2016 End Date 03-05-2016
Doing Film Festivals Rounds..!!
Responsible Citizen
Role Director / Editor
Start Date 04-10-2015 End Date 05-10-2015
Role Asst. Editor
Start Date 05-06-2014 End Date 18-10-2014
Aawaaz -The Voice of Kashmir
Role Ast. Director / Editor
Start Date 06-10-2014 End Date 08-01-2015
This documentary is an attempt to bring forward the varied voices and perspectives of the people of Kashmir. It attempts to cover the entire spectrum of issues that are burning in the hearts of Kashmiris today: From the pain and devastation post the floods to the stories of hope, from voices that hate the Indian uniforms to Kashmiris who believe the Indian army was their saviour during the floods, from perspectives of the hard line separatists to Kashmiris who believe in India and are proud to be Indians. Opinions and hopes of people, young and old, from Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and probably the most historic election in the history of J&k , we have aimed to cover it all....fearlessly!
Our team found themselves facing the anger and frustration of people who had lost their everything and yet there were moments when we shared their pain and wiped their tears, giving them hope for a better tomorrow. Our crew was caught in the midst of a riot that erupted during filming and found itself caught between tear gas shells on one side and pelted rocks and bottles on the other....but went on to cover it all fearlessly.

Why? It is our sincere attempt to present an honest picture, giving all voices a platform before the people of the World, so that they can form an informed opinion on what's really happening in a dynamically and rapidly changing Kashmir!

We hope that you truly hear the Aawaaz -Voice of Kashmir

This film has no bias, patronage or leaning towards any political party. All events covered are real and opinions expressed by the people spontaneous . We mean no harm or disrespect towards any belief system or ideology. This film is a true and honest representation of what our cameras captured. We neither endorse nor oppose any of the opinions expressed during this film. Our attempt is to be a sincere reflection.
Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra
Role Ast. Director / Editor
Start Date 24-03-2014 End Date 10-09-2014
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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