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About me

Ruchi is simple, fast learner, can play with voices, can sing well acc. to her family and friends cz she was limited to them. She wants to reach out far, can mimic some voices, act, dance a bit and wants to put life to the emotion of the project offered.

Course Name Bachelor in arts Institute Name PGGCG 42, PANJAB UNIVERSITY
Start Date 20-06-2011 End Date 25-06-2014
Course Name Masters in Economics Institute Name DEPTT. OF ECONOMICS, PANJAB UNIVERSITY
Start Date 01-08-2014 End Date 01-05-2016
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English, Punjabi
Participated in youth festivals
Role Mimicry artist
Start Date 01-06-2011 End Date 01-05-2014
No experience as such, just an active participant in youth festivals of panjab university.
Mimicry, debates, sports, art and craft.
Project Name
Start Date End Date