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PROFILE OF THE Musical Trinity-Poet-Singer-Composer

Prashant Brahmane is a fonder director of Intelligence School Gurukool, Pune. He stands out for his decades of dedication to intellectual philanthropy having developed concepts, models for the betterment of humanity related to human evolution. He is a Chemical Engineer and a management graduate from IIM-Bangalore.

He is a passionate human researcher & thrives on challenges to make human life better. His social economics approach is to offer more for less. He is a modern day spiritualists who firmly believes that we are all playing innings of our life before the god’s gallery.

He has created a dynamic model called Psychograph that recreate a possibility of Self-Discovery in an organized form. He has been working on synergizing between the God-given and the socially driven aspects of human living. It creates a beautiful balance between the development of hidden traits and creation of new facets.

He is a staunch proponent of Direct Knowledge. This is an energy condensation of all that is around in human sphere; physical or metaphysical. The Direct Knowledge brings one to the spring of knowledge, making the books of principles only the followers. His fond professional work includes ideas on escalating an individual from knowledge plane, through the intelligence medium, on to the plane of wisdom. This is the basis of his efforts in reworking on the concept of Guru-Shishya Parampara.

As an Intelligence Trainer he works both on the conscious plane & the subconscious plane. He firmly believes that the next level of the thinking competition would take place on the platform of sub-conscience. He hypothesizes that as the material craze hits through the spiritual roof, human beings would discover new world of subconscious living that would create newer ethos & perspectives. He has discovered the five basic sutras on the basis of which Gurukool would become the future torchlight of the humanity. His Gurukool is an open platform for offering people the torchlight for higher living and it is based on his own discovery of the five basic sutras that are;

• Self-learning

• Self-discipline

• Self-leadership

• Self-discovery

• Self-empowerment

He is a Chairman of Global Foundation for Child HR. The organization seeks to take HR practices out of the business fold & takes it to the mass human frontier.

He is an author-publisher of popular titles Making Best of Childhood, Know your Personality & Make your Psychograph, Rule with Intelligence and Map your Competency. He is also a trained vocalist & his next musical album titled ISM-In Search of Meaning is slated for a launch soon.

In the year 2008 Mr. Prashant Brahmane set up a model school for intelligence development named Intelligence School. The school follows all the basic principles of Gurukul thus creating a high potency learning environment that totally changes the thinking capability of children. He firmly believes it is never too early to learn. The school seeks to draw a line between a reading school & a learning school. He contends that a true learning is a meditative phenomenon that allows an individual to take private routes & chose private destinations for learning. Intelligence School works on mindsets to change the practices that follow fundamental change in the perspective to education.

• Text book is replaced by Brainbooks
• Subject learning is replaced by Integrated Learning Systems
• Memory challenges replaced by Experiencing Labs

In the year 2011 he wrote a book Mind No Matter. The book is written a global English theatre that subtly delves upon differentiating mind from matter. The book is a missionary book that initiates a proposal for Intellectual Capitalism.

In the year 2012 he started an NGO called Foundation for Global Child HR movement. Thus he is fathering the cause of Child HR. He set up a gurukool at Viman Nagar, Pune in collaboration with another trust who decided to come to come together for a missionary cause. The project is being set up as model project that defies the concept of learning age & makes a system classless.

In the year 2013 he started working on the non-academic Residential Program for Gurukool that would allow learners of all ages to learn online form life & experiences. The program has an unmatched vitality compared to any other academic or non-academic program.

In the year 2013 he started working on a Urdu Poetry. The work is published as Zid ki Shayari-Tumhare Liye. The concept of the Temple of Love is the epitome of convention of seven colors of human emotions using a front face of the appreciation of the pains and sufferings to communicate to the beloved where only the God stands as witness. He has penned down more than 1500-gazals which is a record as far as Urdu literature is concerned. In the year 2014 he turned a professional singer and a composer wherein he makes efforts to revive more meaningful music and poetry.

The Chronicle of his work

He has been researching on human behavior over last 30-years & his research has following major contributions.

1999 Discovery of Self-Images- The Hidden engine that directs human being irrespective of his socio-commercial position. Book under publication

2000 Discovery of tool for creation & rejuvenation of human Intelligence Elementary work published in 2004 book title Rule With Intelligence Launched a web site:

2001 Discovery of the Constitution of the human growth-The concept of process child Elementary work published in 2002 Book titled Making Best of Childhood
2003 Spatial creativity; conceptualization of Spatial Creativity; Concept book is due for launch. Introduced thematic services for corporate promotion and internal marketing
2004 Developed tool for Total Personal Intelligence / Total People Intelligence called personality psychograph.
Elementary work published in 2004 Book titled Know Your Personality & Make your psychograph.
2005 Launched software PBPGL-Prashant Brahmane’s Psychographics Levels for competency assessments
2008 Published the book titled Map Your Competency that is a comprehensive treatment to the science of competency evolution & competency development
2011 Mind No Matter-Proposal on intellectual capitalism through a subtle global English comedy for global market. Produced in form of audio drama.
2011 Set up Gurukool at Pune. This is a program to bring back the glory of guru-shishya parampara. The program is available for all ages. The program changes the approach to schooling completely from teaching to learning. The project works within a strategic triangle of Children-Parents-Teachers.
2012 Started pioneering work in the filed of Child HR. Founded an NGO-GLF foundation for Global Child Hr movement.
2013 Initiated work on the Grand Synthesis of Human Evolution. The project has a great application for breakthrough possibilities in human evolution.
2014 Fiction and Film Scripting- Working on two major film scripts for Hollywood intellectual cinema-One for the Indian Intellectual Cinema-‘Q’ .Both the films are planned to be flagship PR for Gurukool.
2015 Urdu Poetry- Pen name Zid. Zid ki Shayari-Tunhare liye is a script of more than 1800 gazals. (This is more than the combined published gazals of the Golden era trio-Mirza Ghalib- Meera Taqi Meer & Ibrahim Zouk). Ravindranath Tagore has a total published compilation of 2200 poes written in Bengali-English-Hindi. He is taking the urdu literature to a majestic heights using a full color riot of Art-Beauty-Creativity-Romance-Love-Philosophy-Spirituality.
2016 English transliteration- Zid ki Shayari, is being transliterated into English to enable the western world get newer windows of deeper eastern consciousness of human emotions. The translitaeration has received critiq views as being comparable with the works of the classical English poets like Shelly-Milton-Wordsworth.
2018 Gazal King-Launched musical concerts under the owned brand-Gazal King. He belongs to a rare theattre trinity of being a Singer-Poet-Composer.

Course Name MBA Institute Name IIM Bangalore
Start Date 01-06-1984 End Date 31-03-1986
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English, Marathi, Urdu
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Available In : Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Anywhere In India
Availability : Full Time
Mind No Matter ( Audio Theatre)
Role Author/Publisher/Director
Start Date 10-01-2012 End Date 02-08-2012
Matter to mind is an intensely gravitating idea of living that channelizes the author's self-led dream of Intellectual Capitalism. The project experiments with raw humor, farce and logic all in one breathe that eulogizes sophistication in corporate humor.
Map Your Competency
Role Author/Publisher
Start Date 15-10-2007 End Date 10-01-2008
Competency modelling is the author's life time dedication and it took him a little over of 2-decades of wholesome life researching to create a proposal for understanding human being comprehensively. The total personal intelligence backed up total people intelligence is a massive structuring of the human bonds and its performance. It helps synthesize a human performance of an altogether new level.
Rule with Intelligence
Role Author/Publisher
Start Date 01-01-2004 End Date 22-04-2004
Rule with Intelligence is a scorching idea of living for high achievers that proposes to manufacture intelligence in every possible situation in life so as to have an upper hand in most adverse situations and to as to create a battery stock of wherewithal to move through a high achievement objectives.
Making Best of childhood
Role Author/Publisher
Start Date 14-01-2003 End Date 25-05-2003
Making Best of Childhood is a genuine Child HR book. The author is a father of child HR a concept that brings to the forefront, a resource value of every child that helps him self-nurture his resource at every given point of time. Child Hr is an explosive idea of greater, larger and in-depth living that offers a momentous start for his adult life.
Poetic Appreciation of Film songs
Role Singer, concept director
Start Date 01-11-2018 End Date 24-12-2018
The project is being launched on You tube for creating a poetic perspective of some of great songs sung by Kishore Kumar, Mohd Rafi, Mukesh, Manna Dey, Talat Mehmood, Mahendra Kapoor, KL Saigal.
Zid Ki Shayari
Role Poet-composer-singer
Start Date 11-03-2013 End Date 24-12-2018
Zid ki shayari is creation of more than 1800-mukammal gazals (gazals with 7-couplets). This is a royal class shayari aimed at enlarging the scope of literature. All the gazals have been translated into English personally by Zid himself. He has already been interviewed on All India Radio Pune on his literary work in March 2018. For more, refer
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