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About me

Hi, This is Debasmita. My passion is singing. I want to be A playback singer. I am trained in bollywood and tollywood songs and also in hindustani classical. At times I got training from different well known gurus. Lata ji and Asha ji are also a big imfluencer in my life. Their songs are one type of lessons for me. I found themselves as my silent guru. Also I love Shreya Ghoshal songs. Above all, I like to perform and also want to be a playback singer.

Course Name Voice Gym 1 Institute Name Shankar Mahadevan Academy
Start Date 02-07-2016 End Date 02-09-2016
Course Name Voice Gym 2 Institute Name Shankar Mahadevan Academy
Start Date 02-10-2016 End Date 02-12-2016
Course Name Voice Gym 3 Institute Name Shankar Mahadevan Academy
Start Date 02-07-2018 End Date 02-09-2018
Course Name Hindustani Classical Institute Name Gunjar Institute
Start Date 02-07-2008 End Date 02-07-2020
Course Name Bollywood Class Institute Name Saptak
Start Date 28-09-2018 End Date 28-07-2020
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, Bengali
Work preference
Availability : Full Time
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My Scoot Live
Role Host as Singer
Start Date 02-06-2020 End Date 31-07-2020
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