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Physical stats
Height : 5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight : 70 Kg
Bust : 36 Inches
Waist : 32 Inches
Hips : 42 Inches
Chest : 38 Inches
Biceps : 15 Inches
Hair Type : Wavy
Hair Length : Medium
Language : Hindi, English
Work preference
Available In : Anywhere In India
Availability : Full Time
Other Informations
Pataal Lok
Role Streetwalker
Start Date 01-03-2019 End Date 09-05-2020
A streetwalker is thrown in jail. She is worried that now how will she survive as her periods will start and she will have to wait 5 days. While in jails she ends up in a tussle with an inmate and a shocking revelation.
Role Kusum
Start Date 01-05-2019 End Date 30-09-2019
Kusum is in great pain as her husband thinks she is extra fat neglecting the fact that she just gave birth to a baby. she seeks help from the lawyer (Bhumi Pednekar)
Role Friendship lady- Prostitute
Start Date 01-01-2018 End Date 01-09-2019
Stree a brilliant horror comedy by Amar Kaushik, I played the character of the prostitute whose client is taken by Stree and she now goes to the friend (Rajkumar Rao) for her money.

My Didi educational video
Role Didi
This project for created to educate the employees called didi under the service site
Hero's diary
Role Cab driver
Role Assistant DOP, the girl next door
Every Indian Bride
Role Bride
Love Sonia
Role Social worker
Start Date 08-04-2016 End Date 14-04-2016
Project Name
Start Date End Date
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